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#206 Dynasty Leagues Q. How does the minor league draft work?
  A. Between seasons of a Dynasty SimLeague, there is a minor league draft. The draft is six rounds long and there is a pool of available prospects. The drafting order is determined by the final standings of the previous season. The team with the worst record will draft first, the team with the second worst record will draft second, and so forth until the team with the best record drafts last. For each round, you will be able to specify the type of player you would like to draft. If you do not like the players you draft, you are not required to keep them. All players acquired in the draft, should you decide to keep them, will be signed to 165,000 unit contracts. You have until a specified date to decide which prospects you wish to sign. Once you sign a prospect to a minor league contract, you will not be able to release the player until he is signed to a professional contract.

For more information on player contracts, see knowledge base article #197.

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