Category: SimLeague Hockey
#208 Dynasty Leagues Q. Do my available player units increase between seasons?
  A. The team with the most points will get a 5 million unit bonus to spend in the following season. The team with the second most points will get 4 million, the team with the third most points will get 3 million, the team with the fourth most points will get 2 million, the team with the fifth most points will get 1 million, and the team with the sixth most points gets 500,000. Note this is NOT based on playoff seeding, it is simply based on the amount of standing points earned in the previous regular season. In the event of a tie in which two teams have the same amount of points, the winner will be decided based on which team had more regular season wins. If there is still a tie, the team that recorded more wins against each other (head to head record) will be proclaimed the winner. If their head to head record is identical, then the team with the better goal differential is the winner.

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