Category: Hoops Dynasty
#220 General Q. Are there prizes? What are they?
  A. Yes, there are prizes - win or lose! If you do not win your conference tournament or receive an at-large bid to the National Tournament, you will still receive a discount on your next Hoops Dynasty season (discounts vary based on the how well your team performed). If you do receive a bid to the National Tournament, you will receive reward points good for use in our Rewards Center, or credits for use on future Hoops Dynasty seasons. Here's the breakdown:
  • Lose opening round game: $3 in credits
  • Lose second round game: $5 in credits
  • Lose Sweet 16 game: $10 in credits
  • Lose Elite 8 game: $15 in credits
  • Lose Final Four game: $20 in credits
  • Lose Championship game: 4,000 reward points
  • National Champion: 6,000 reward points

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