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#243 Recruiting Q. How much money do I get for recruiting?
  A. Your recruiting budget is based on 4 factors:

1. Which division are you in? DIII schools will receive much less per open scholarship than DI schools.
2. How many scholarships do you have open, and
3. How did my team/conference do in the National Tournament?, and
4. Any money carried over from the previous season (up to 25% can be carried over if all scholarships have been filled). If a team is not renewed, then National Tournament money and carry over money are both wiped out - that way all new coaches will begin at the same level.

Your recruiting budget is set immediately after the job change period concludes and is based on the number of open scholarships at that time. If you rescind a scholarship after the budget is set, you do NOT receive any additional recruiting money.

At DIII, schools receive approximately $3,000 per open scholarship - DII receives around $5,000 per open scholarship - DI receives around $15,000 per open scholarship.

NOTE: there is a maximum recruiting budget which is the equivalent of the monies you would receive for having 6 open scholarships. If, for example, you have 8 open scholarships you would still receive the same amount of money as if you had 6 open scholarships. The maximum includes money rolled over from a prior season but does not include monies from the National Tournament (see below).

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