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#243 Recruiting Q. What resources do I get for recruiting?

Your recruiting resources are based on how many scholarships you have open and the division you are in. You're given separate budgets for each scouting and recruiting

Division 1: 35K + 4K per Opening
Division 2: 25K + 3K per Opening
Division 3: 15K + 2K per Opening

Division 1: 5K + 3K per Opening
Division 2: 3K + 2K per Opening
Division 3: 1K + 1K per Opening

Recruiting Attention Points:
20 + 20 per Opening

Note: The max number of openings considered for resources is 6 open scholarships. If, for example, you have 8 open scholarships you would still receive the same amount of resources as if you had 6 open scholarships.

You only get half of the resources for a scholarship opened due to an unfulfilled promise. Also, you will not get resources for rescinding the scholarship of a player you recruited.

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