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#289 Players Q. What do the ratings mean?
  A. Players are rated in 12 different categories, each are based from 1 - 100 with 1 being the worst and 100 being the best.
Athleticism (A)Affects nearly every area of the game, from shooting to rebounding to defense, and more.
Speed (SPD)Affects mainly defense (including steals), shooting, and avoiding turnovers.
Rebounding (REB)Affects rebounding ability.
Defense (DE)Affects defensive ability.
Shot Blocking (BLK)Affects ability to block shots, including altering shots, which reduces opponent shooting.
Low Post (LP)Affects offensive ability closer to the basket, including post up plays as well as dribble drives and other close shots.
Perimeter (PE)Affects offensive ability from the perimeter, including 3-point range and mid-range shots.
Ball Handling (BH)Affects ability to avoid turnovers and ability to get in better position for shots.
Passing (P)Affects ability to avoid turnovers and improves the quality of shots for teammates.
Work Ethic (WE)Affects the rate of improvement for other ratings.
Stamina (ST)Affects how long a player can play before tiring and how quickly he recovers after becoming fatigued.
Durability (DU)Affects the odds of player suffering an injury and the severity of the injury.

Also, each player has a Free Throw Grade, which indicates free throw shooting ability, and ranges from A+ (great) to F (very poor).

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