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#300 Roster Management Q. How does 'redshirting' a player work?

The term "redshirt" is used to describe a student-athlete who does not participate in competition in a sport for an entire academic year, and thereby does not use one of his 4 years of athletic eligibility. Here are the rules for redshirting:

Any given player can only be redshirted once in his career
A player can have a redshirt year any of his four years
A player can be tagged as a redshirt if:

  • The coach has seasons remaining on his account
  • The player has not yet played in a game that season
  • He has not already been redshirted at some point in his career
  • No one else is currently being redshirted
  • The National Championship game has not yet been played
- Any player who has been tagged as a redshirt can be untagged at anytime during the season.
- Teams can redshirt a maximum of 1 player per season.
- Redshirted players will still practice with the team
- Redshirted players will NOT dress for the game, meaning no matter the situation, they will not be used in a game.
- Exhibition games do NOT count when determining redshirt eligibility.

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