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#305 Practice Q. How do player ratings change? What about work ethic?
  A. Practicing certain areas of a player's game will help them improve in certain related skills. See the following table for a list of how each area may impact a player's game:

Practicing...Attempts to Improve...
ConditioningStamina and athleticism, particularly important for pressing defenses and fast-break offenses. Also helps to improve speed, shot blocking, and durability.
Footwork Defense and shot blocking.
Passing Passing, which is especially important in "set" offenses such as the Motion, Triangle and Flex. Can lead to decreased turnovers on offense.
Low Post Improves finishing skills close to the basket.
Perimeter Improves mid-range to long-range shooting skills.
Dribbling Ball handling - decreases turnovers.
Free Throw Shooting Free Throw Shooting
Rebounding Rebounding
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Work ethic does not change based on practice minutes. It will change based on playing time and starts.

With regards to the offenses and defenses, the more practice and playing time a player receives under each set, the better the offense will function with regards to efficiency, and the same holds true on defense. If you have 5 Seniors who have been practicing your offense and defense for 4 years, you'll have a very "smart" team on the floor. Whereas if you try to switch your offense and/or defense in mid-season, many players will have to spend time learning the new system which can lead to poor shot selection, unforced turnovers, and missed assignments on defense.

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