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#324 Game Planning Q. How do the individual 3-point frequency settings work?

The individual 3-point frequency setting allows you to adjust the frequency on a player-by-player basis against each type of defense.

The possible 3-point settings are:

  • +2: Always look for the 3-point shot first
  • +1: Take more 3-point shots than normal
  • 0: Take a 3-point shot as part of the flow of the offense. That is determined based on numerous factors, including a player's position, skills, the style of defense, and the positioning of the defense.
  • -1: Take less 3-point shots than normal
  • -2: Never take a 3-point shot unless it's a desperation shot
NOTE: If you leave the offensive distribution values to zero for all players, the computer will decide who should take shots AND the frequency of their 3-point attempts - EVEN IF YOU HAVE VALUES FOR 3-POINT. FREQUENCY.

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