Category: SimLeague Baseball
#35 General Q. Why is my team slumping when none of my players are fatigued?
  A. There are many reasons why a team slumps even if they aren't fatigued:
  • It could be a difficult part of the schedule (playing games on the road or playing experienced owners)
  • You may have a glaring weakness, e.g. weak bullpen or not enough LH batters and you're facing a string of RH pitchers, etc.
  • You may have selected a ballpark which doesn't compliment your team's style, e.g. good pitchers but playing at Coors
  • You're experimenting with AAA prospects
  • Key players may be slumping, e.g. your #3 hitter is batting .097 over the past 5 games, etc.
  • Your team may simply be in a dry spell and suffering some bad luck (statistically speaking). With time, this should swing in the other direction.
The key to recovery is analyzing each loss and looking for trends, e.g. I left 10 runners in scoring position, my baserunning cost me a scoring opportunity, my bullpen blew the game, my lack of speed is killing me, etc. Once you've identified a trend, rectify it as soon as possible to see if that was really the cause of the problem. Use the waiver wire only as a last resort - those 10% transaction charges can add up quickly.

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