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#352 Post Season Q. How are the at-large bids for the National Tournament determined? What about the seeding?

National Tournament selection and seeding both rely on the same logic.

The logic for ranking teams for the postseason essentially calculates a score for each game on the team's schedule. This game score is determined by the following components:

  • Result (win or loss)
  • RPI rank of the opponent
  • Top 25 rank of the opponent (this rank is actually calculated and used for all teams, even beyond the top 25)
  • Score margin of the game
  • Location (home, away, or neutral court)
There is also consideration given to record over the final 10 games as well as conference tournament performance.

Once the tournament field has been determined, then the seeding process will begin, using the same evaluation logic. Some teams may be moved slightly in order to avoid same-conference match-ups early in the tournament.

Once the National Tournament bids have been handed out, the PostSeason Invitational teams are selected using the same process.

Note: teams must have a minimum of .500 win% to qualify for National Tournament at-large bids and a minimum .425 win% to qualify for the Postseason Invitational.

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