Category: SimLeague Baseball
#41 Manager's Office Q. Why did my pitcher go over his target pitch count setting?
  A. There are three situations in which you may see a pitcher exceed his target pitch count (TPC) setting, but he should never exceed his max pitch count (MPC). They are:
  • The pitcher is in the middle of an at-bat - for example, if your TPC is 100 pitches and he has thrown 99 pitches before he strikes out the next hitter in 6 pitches, he would end with a total of 105 pitches.
  • Anytime the starting pitcher is throwing a no-hitter after the 7th with a lead and is under his MPC, the sim will not remove him (even if he has exceeded his TPC).
  • Anytime the starting pitcher is within one out of a complete game and does not need to be pulled according to his call bullpen rating he will attempt to stay in the game to his MPC (even if he has exceeded his TPC).

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