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#418 Practice Q. How do attributes change - for instance, I presume that blocking drills in the practice session improves blocking, but do athleticism and work ethic change and if so, how?

Practicing certain areas of a player's game will help him improve his skills. See the following table for a general (not position specific) list of how each area may impact a player's game:

Practicing Improves
Conditioning Athleticism, Speed, Durability, Stamina
Blocking Blocking, Technique
Tackling Tackling, Technique
Pass Routes Elusiveness, Technique
Hands Hands, Technique
Strength Strength, Athleticism, Durability
Agility Elusivness, Athleticism, Speed
Kicking Technique
Punting Technique
Study Film Game Instinct, Technique
Passing Technique

Generally, happy players (getting starts/playing time) will work harder during practice (work ethic improvements). With regards to the offenses and defenses, the more practice and playing time a player receives under each set, the better the offense will function in terms of efficiency.

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