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#429 Post-Season Q. How do teams qualify for the conference championship?
  A. The winners of each division within the conference will play for the conference championship. If two teams finish with the same conference record, then the tie is broken by going to the head-to-head result, followed by overall record, and finally WIS rank.

For the head-to-head results there must be a clear winner. For example if three teams are tied and their record against each other is as follows: Team 1 is 2-0, Team 2 is 1-1 and Team 3 is 0-2 Team 1 would be chosen to play in the conference championship. If there was a four team tie such as the following: Team 1 is 2-1, Team 2 is 2-1, Team 3 is 1-2 and Team 4 is 1-2 there is no clear winner and the tiebreaker will move on to overall record.

Note: The standings page is not currently updated using the tiebreaker.

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