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#433 Post-Season Q. Do teams earn additional recruiting money by making playoff appearances?

Yes. The amount of money earned is split amongst all conference teams and is based upon how far the team progresses in the playoffs as well as the division.

Division Advanced To Additional Money
IAA First Round $3,000
IAA Second Round $4,500
IAA Quarterfinals $6,000
IAA Semi-finals $7,500
IAA Championship $9,000
II First Round $2,000
II Second Round $3,000
II Quarterfinals $4,000
II Semi-finals $5,000
II Championship $6,000
III First Round $1,000
III Second Round $1,500
III Quarterfinals $2,000
III Semi-finals $2,500
III Championship $3,000

Note: The amount listed in the table is the total received for the appearance. Ex: For making the DIII Championship game you earn $3000 total for your conference

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