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#497 Racing Q. What do the advanced settings mean/do?

The advanced settings are another way to set your car up. An owner can either use the advanced settings OR the general settings, not both.

The following is a break down of each advanced settings and what it effects.

  • Tire Pressure - The lower the tire pressure the hotter your tires will get while turning laps. Hot tires leads to faster tire wear. Hotter tires also deliver better handling properties. When setting tire pressure you must consider the length of the race. An extra pit stop could be the difference between first and second. Additionally, excessively hot tires can lead to tire blows. Generally tire wear can be seen in practice runs as the laps get progressively slower.
  • Spoilers - Adjusting spoilers alters the amount of down force and drag that your car produces. Having high spoilers will increase your cars drag and thus lower your cars top speed. However the improved down force from high spoilers will make your car handle better. Conversely, low spoilers improve top speed while sacrificing handling. Owners should look at a track's bank for hints on the best spoiler set up.
  • Left Bias - Left bias puts more weight on the left side of the car. With most tracks having the majority (if not all) left turns this improves handling. With more weight on the left side of the car, tire warmth is altered and thus tire wear as well.
  • Rear Bias - Rear bias puts more weight on the rear of the car. Putting weight forward increases the chances of under steer. Similarly, moving weight to the rear of the car increases over steer. Increased weight on the front also leads to the front tires warming faster.
  • Cross-weight - Cross-weight affects the way weight transfers under braking and accelerating. The more cross-weight you add the tighter the car is.
  • Camber - Since the cars make mostly left hand turns, the typical camber setup is positive in the left front and negative in the right front. Maximum camber sets the left front to the max allowable positive setting and the right front to the max allowable setting. Camber allows for the car to achieve maximum traction through the turns. Higher camber settings also result in increased tire wear.

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