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#499 Racing Q. I am unclear on the advanced pit settings. What do the advanced pit settings mean?

The pit settings are broken down into general situation groups to give owners the most control over when and how they pit. The options under green flag conditions are only used when the race is under the green flag and racing normally. When the race is under caution the caution pit settings will be used. Finally the all condition settings are used during the entire race whether the team is under caution or racing under green.

The tire wear numbers show a rough percentage of how much tire your car has left. When your team’s tires are at or below the selected threshold your CC will have your driver pit. During pits you can force your team to ALWAYS take 2 tire pits, 4 tire pits or allow your crew chief to decide the best course of action depending on the situation. (Note: Some settings may result in a CC taking a pit stop to change the outer tires and then a pit stop a lap later to change the inner tires. Teams should test potential pit settings in practice before implementing them on race day.)

If you decide to ensure enough gas in the tank, the CC will keep the car in the pits a bit longer to make sure that the tank is either full or there is more than enough gas in the tank to finish a race. This does not guarantee that your team will run out of gas, but it will greatly reduce the chance of this happening.

The don’t pit lap selection will bar your CC from bringing your car into the pits for any reason. If used improperly this could lead to your car running out of gas or blowing a tire late in the race.

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