Category: Clutch Racing
#514 Level Advancement Q. What happens to my crew when I move up?
  A. Your crew will move up with you. They will have their contracts reevaluated to be inline with the new division’s pay scale. You will also be able to renegotiate crew member contracts once you move up to another division.

Please note that if a crew member has seasons left on their contract, you are obligated to fulfill that contract as you would any other time, and suffer the repercussions if you fire him resulting in a reputation hit and a severance fee. The renegotiation is only to allow you to attempt to change the crew member's contract, but does not allow you to fire a crew member from your team. If you attempt to renegotiate and the crew member rejects it, he will keep his current, newly-improved contract for moving up and not automatically leave.

Basically, failing on a renegotiation is the same as doing nothing. To remove a crew member with seasons remaining on his contract from your team, you must fire them.

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