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#519 Prizes Q. What prizes are given out for SimLeague Hockey?
  A. The cup winner receives 3,000 Reward Points* (Approx. US$20.00 value) that can be redeemed in our online Rewards Center. The cup winner will also get his/her name and team name permanently engraved on the SimLeague Stanley Cup (http://www.whatifsports.com/nhl-l/cupwinners.asp). Cup winners will not receive any account credits toward the purchase of another team.

All other owners that made it to the playoffs will receive a credit on their account good toward the purchase of your next SimLeague hockey team. Credits will be given out as follows:

President's Trophy winner (most team points during regular season): US$1.00^
Teams not advancing past the first round: US$0.50*
Teams not advancing past the second round: US$1.00*
Teams not advancing past the third round: US$1.50*
Team that made the finals and lost: US$2.00*

^ If multiple teams are tied for the most points, tie breaking is the total number of wins, followed by goal differential if necessary.
* Note that these rewards change for open leagues depending on the number of times an owner reaches the championship series (Stanley Cup Finals).
The 1st - 5th trips to the Cup Finals yield the full value of the prizes mentioned above (100%).
The 6th - 10th trips to the Cup Finals yield 75%.
The 10th trip and beyond yield 50%.

Remember, these limitations are for open leagues only -- theme leagues will ALWAYS yield 100% of the prize values!

* Cup winners who used a promo code or acquired the team without paying receive $10 in credits instead of Reward Points.

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