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#525 Purchasing Q. I don't have a credit card, can I still play in full-season leagues?
  A. Yes, you can still play by adding funds to your account by using PayPal. To add money to your account via PayPal, simply send the payment to website@whatifsports.com. Make sure to include your username. Also note that there is a $1 handling fee for PayPal payments. The $1 is taken out by WhatIfSports, not by PayPal so you'd need to charge $13.95 in order to have $12.95 available in your account.

Note: Paypal payments won't be added to accounts until the payment has cleared (usually within 24 hours). Also, if paying in a currency other than US Dollars $, please factor in the current exchange rate. Your payment will be converted into US Dollars $ and then processed.

Mail Orders are no longer accepted. For those who are hesitant to use credit cards or Paypal, pre-paid credit cards are a good option.

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