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#529 Browser Issues Q. I've enabled cookies, but I still can not login.

Most browsers have a limitation of how many cookies they can accept and store. If you are having problems logging in and have already confirmed that you do have cookies enabled (see above), then try clearing your cookies by following these steps based on the browser you are using:

Clear the cookies in your browser.
Firefox: CTRL + SHIFT + DEL --> Check the check box named Cookies and Cache with the time option Everything--> Click OK
Chrome: CTRL + SHIFT + DEL --> Check clear cache and delete cookies and other site data with the time option since the beginning of time. --> Click OK
IE: Tools --> Internet Options --> Browsing History --> Delete --> Click "Delete Cookies" and "Temporary Internet Files"--> Click OK

Note: In IE8 and higher please make sure Preserve Favorites Data is unchecked or it won't remove Whatifsports cookies and cache if you have the site marked as a Favorite.

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