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#536 General Q. Can I check my scores on a WAP-device? How?
  A. Yes! If you have a WAP-enabled phone or PDA device, you can check your scores anytime/anywhere for any full-season SimLeague Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey team, as well as any team in Hoops Dynasty or Gridiron Dynasty. Instructions on how to use wap.whatifsports.com:
  1. From the main menu select the Web Sites option.
  2. Select the option Other Sites from the main menu.
  3. Select the Enter URL option.
  4. At the prompt type in wap.whatifsports.com.
  5. Enter your whatifsports username.
To avoid entering the URL every time, see your user's manual if your phone supports favorite links and the procedure for creating a new favorite link.

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