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#538 Purchasing Q. How do I get a refund?

Assuming you have at least one season eligible for a refund (see Terms of Use), you may request a refund to either site credit or back to your credit card.

Refund to Site Credit

Refund to Site Credit will convert your remaining team(s) or season(s) into a site credit that you can then use for any of our other products. For example, you may wish to take a break from Gridiron Dynasty but would like to play Hoops Dynasty. The conversion amount is based on how much you paid for the teams/seasons. This action is immediate and adds a credit to your account.

Refunds to general site credit are permitted for all purchases made with credit card, gift certificates, and Pay Pal. Previously refunded credits and all other credits may not be refunded.

Refund to Credit Card

Refund to Credit card will refund your remaining team(s) or season(s) to your credit card. This action submits a refund request and automatically creates a Customer Support ticket. Once approved by customer support, your refund will be issued and should show up on your card's account within 10 business days, depending on the card provider.

Refunds to credit card are permitted only for purchases made with a credit card within the last 6 months.

Refund Basics

If you request a refund for any unused team(s) purchased as part of a multi-pack purchase, the maximum refund you may receive will be for the balance of the purchase amount minus the used teams at the non-discounted price.

In order to perform a refund you'll go to the following page: Eligible Refunds . You'll see what items are eligible for a refund and how much of a refund there will be for each option.

Notes: For more details about the refund policy and how they are calculated please refer to the Terms of Use. If you are removed from a league or world due to Fair Play Guideline infractions or Terms of Service violations, you are NOT eligible for a refund for the season.

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