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#555 Prizes Q. What prizes are available for SimLeague Baseball?
  A. The World Series winner receives 4,000 Reward Points* (Approx. US$27.00 value) that can be redeemed in our online Rewards Center.

All other owners that made it to the playoffs will receive a credit on their account good toward the purchase of your next SimLeague baseball team. Credits will be given out as follows:

Teams losing in the Division Championship Series: US$3.00**
Teams losing in the League Championship Series: US$6.00**
Teams losing in the World Series: US$10.00**

Full-season teams that reach the World Series are also automatically entered into the Tournament of Champions where the winner can win an additional 22,500 Reward Points (Approx. US$150.00 value). Runner-up earns 7,500 ($50) and the other two final four owners earn 3,750 ($25).

The prizes will be adjusted based on the ratio of # of teams in the league compared to the standard 24 team league. This includes the credit for filling a theme league. For instance, if you are the theme commish and fill a 12-team theme league, you'll receive 50% of the standard $12.95. Alternatively, if you win the World Series in a 30-team league, you'll receive 25% more than a standard league. TOC eligibility for leagues smaller than 16 teams will also be different. Only the World Series winner will be entered into the TOC. For a full rundown on the prizes for different league formats, check out this Knowledge Base article

* Note: Teams that use a promocode will receive $12.00** instead of 4000 reward points.

** Note: These rewards change for Standard and Diamond Legends Career Open leagues depending on the number of times an owner reaches the World Series in any league.
The 1st - 5th trips to the World Series yield the full value of the prizes mentioned above (100%).
The 6th - 10th trips to the World Series yield 75%.
The 10th trip and beyond yields 50%.

Remember, these limitations are for Standard and Diamond Legends Career Open leagues only -- Theme Leagues and Champs Leagues will ALWAYS yield 100% of the prize values!

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