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#572 Trades Q. The trade alert will not go away! Help!
  A. Even if you are not involved in a trade, it is important for you to be aware of who is being traded in your league. For this reason, you are alerted of most trading activity in your league. There are four reasons why the trade alert shows up:
  • When a new trade or a counter offer is proposed to you, you must respond to it (by clicking the Respond link) and then either reject it, accept it, or make a counter offer. Once this is done, the trade alert will stop.
  • When an owner accepts your trade, you must review his acceptance in the event that comments or conditions were added or changed. To review the trade, click the Review link. Once this is done, the trade alert will stop.
  • When a trade proposal is accepted and enters the pending phase, the rest of the owners in the league (not involved with the trade) will get an alert to vote on the trade. If you are not involved in the trade, you must click the Vote link and then click to either approve or veto the trade. Once this is done, the trade alert will stop.
  • When a trade completes, all users (including the two involved) will receive one final alert. This way, people not involved will know if the trade was approved or vetoed by the league. It also informs the two owners involved that their players were traded. You must view the trade one final time by clicking the View link to make the alert stop.
Depending on the status of any trade(s) in your league, if you follow the appropriate step(s) listed above, you can make the alert go away.

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