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#577 General Q. What is an RSS feed?
  A. An RSS feed is a piece of news that you can subscribe to. Whenever the content related to the feed is updated, it is reflected in the feed information.

There are several different ways to handle RSS feeds. Internet Explorer 7.0 has an RSS reader built into its interface. Mozilla's Firefox uses its Live Bookmarks to handle RSS feeds. Additionally, there are many other News Readers that can handle and organize RSS feeds.

WhatIfSports RSS feeds are intended to let subscribed users know when games and/or event cycles have completed for each of our sports, as well as when our front-page content has been updated. You can subscribe to a game feed on the game's main office or team center page, and you can subscribe to the front page feed on the site's landing page. You may do so by clicking on the "Subscribe" link or by clicking on the graphic located within your browser's framework.

In order to view the feed in Firefox, version 2.0 or higher is recommended. To view it in Internet Explorer, version 7.0 is recommended.

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