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#60 Draft Leagues Q. How does a Theme League Draft work?
  A. Once an owner creates a theme league, he/she must wait until the league fills up similar to standard leagues. He/she may send out league invitations or owners may join if the league is listed in the Available Theme Leagues. After the league is filled, league owners will receive a detailed email including the draft order, schedule, rules, etc.

At this point, owners may begin preparing for the draft by adding players to their ranked player lists. When it is your turn to draft, you can add a player through the standard player search or by using your own ranked draft lists.

After completing your roster, you enter your team name and select your ballpark. Once every owner has completed the draft, named their team and selected their ballpark, the theme league draft will be converted into a standard theme league and everyone will have 2 days to prepare their lineups and pitching staff before the season begins. Each Owner will receive the standard email informing them that their league has been created and the schedule has been generated.

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