Category: SimLeague Basketball
#632 Coaching Options Q. What is the 'Foul Trouble Substitutions' setting?
  A. This setting indicates how you would like to handle players in foul trouble when making substitutions. The more aggressive the setting, the more likely a player will be to stay in the game and play with foul trouble.

For example, if a player picks up 2 quick fouls in the first quarter, a setting of Very Conservative would probably remove that player immediately and keep him out of the game well into the second quarter. But a setting of Aggressive would likely leave him in the game, risking further foul trouble.
NOTE: The Very Aggressive setting will always completely ignore any foul trouble when determining substitutions.

This setting cannot be directly translated to situations (e.g. player will come out until the 2 minute mark with 3 fouls) because there are other factors involved, including depth chart settings, foul trouble of other players and target minutes.

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