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#636 Manager's Office Q. How do you determine the Pitch Count recommendations?

Pitch Count recommendations start by getting the actual real life performance compared to the current performance. This helps determine how much more the pitcher can pitch in the season. Then, it determines how many games he is expected to pitch in during the remainder of the season based off of his role. It then divides up what he can do in the remainder of the season into those games.

For starters, the expected usage is based off of the rotation size. If it is a 5 man rotation and he is a normal starter, his expected usage would be 1/5 of the games. For Swing Starters, the rotation size is doubled since they pitch once every two times through the rotation. For Tandem pitchers, the pitch counts are divided in two.

For relievers, the role determines the expected usage. The expected percentages of team games used are as follows:

  1. Long Relief:   30%
  2. Setup:           42.5%
  3. Specialists:    50%
  4. Closers:        35%

Starting pitchers have a minimum of 40 for TPC and relievers have a minimum of 5. The highest TPC and MPC recommended is 170, except for mopups who have a MPC of none.

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