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#94 Game Play Q. How do I make a substitution?
  A. To make a substitution during a game, click the "sub" button. This will bring up two tables with an "Insert into Lineup" button between them. The upper table shows the current lineup in their current batting order. The bottom table shows all available players. Select the player in the lineup table that you wish to be substituted for by clicking on his row. Then click on the player's row in the bottom table that you wish to bring into the game. Hit the "Insert into Lineup" button to complete the switch. Depending on the situation the lineup will show PH, PR, or the incoming players position. If you wish to change the PR or PH to a position or move outfielder to different outfield positions, use the POS button.

Once you have the lineup set, press the "Set Batting Order" button and this will signal the change to the game engine. If you wish to cancel the substitution, press the "Exit" button and you will return to the game. You must have a valid lineup when taking the field (i.e. all positions must be filled) or the substitution will not take place.

The game will be paused while a player is making a substitution.

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