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#99 League Play Q. What happens when I play a SimLeague game with SimLeagues Live while the regularly scheduled games get simmed?
  A. If the game you are playing in SimLeagues Live gets simmed regularly while you are playing, then the simmed game is the one that will count towards your standings and the SimLeagues Live game gets wiped out. This also means that your fatigue levels will be calculated from you simmed game, while your SimLeagues game will have no effect on fatigue.

If you are playing a different game than the one that is scheduled, then both games will count towards your standings.

Be careful when playing SimLeagues Live games while the regularly scheduled games are being simmed. This could potentially throw your pitchers' fatigue out of whack. Fatigue will be calculated correctly, but it may leave your pitchers in a state that is undesirable. It is for this reason that we do not recommend playing a SimLeague game SimLeagues Live while you have a game that is being simmed.

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