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#204 Dynasty Leagues Q. What are Dynasty SimLeagues?
  A. Dynasty SimLeagues are leagues that play for multiple seasons with the same teams. Players' stats are kept for each season, minor league drafts occur between season, unit values are renegotiated, prospects mature from season to season, and much more. The number of seasons can vary between 3, 6 and 10.
#205 Dynasty Leagues Q. How much do Dynasty SimLeagues cost?
  A. There is no additional charge to play in a Dynasty SimLeague -- however, you must purchase all seasons up front. You are required to have enough incomplete teams in your account to cover the length of the league. One incomplete team is good for one season of a Dynasty SimLeague. So if you wanted to play in a six season Keeper League, for example, you would be required to have six incomplete teams in your account prior to joining the league. Once you join the league all sales are final. We will not be able to remove you from a Dynasty SimLeague before it is finished (all seasons played).
#206 Dynasty Leagues Q. How does the minor league draft work?
  A. Between seasons of a Dynasty SimLeague, there is a minor league draft. The draft is six rounds long and there is a pool of available prospects. The drafting order is determined by the final standings of the previous season. The team with the worst record will draft first, the team with the second worst record will draft second, and so forth until the team with the best record drafts last. For each round, you will be able to specify the type of player you would like to draft. If you do not like the players you draft, you are not required to keep them. All players acquired in the draft, should you decide to keep them, will be signed to 165,000 unit contracts. You have until a specified date to decide which prospects you wish to sign. Once you sign a prospect to a minor league contract, you will not be able to release the player until he is signed to a professional contract.

For more information on player contracts, see knowledge base article #197.
#207 Dynasty Leagues Q. What are automatic roster adjustments?
  A. Once you have drafted all six round in the minor league draft, you will have until a specified date to decide who you are going to sign to minor league contracts and who you are going to release (if any). If you do not complete these tasks by the specified date, the tasks will be completed for you automatically. If you are under the 35 player limit and are under the league max, no changes will be made to your roster. If you do not have enough roster spots available, your coach will cut your worst players until you are down to the 35 player limit. If you are under the roster limit, but over the league unit max, your coach will cut the one player that will bring your payroll under the max. If cutting one player will not be enough to bring you under the max, he'll cut your most expensive player, then the additional one player that brings your payroll under the max.
#208 Dynasty Leagues Q. Do my available player units increase between seasons?
  A. The team with the most points will get a 5 million unit bonus to spend in the following season. The team with the second most points will get 4 million, the team with the third most points will get 3 million, the team with the fourth most points will get 2 million, the team with the fifth most points will get 1 million, and the team with the sixth most points gets 500,000. Note this is NOT based on playoff seeding, it is simply based on the amount of standing points earned in the previous regular season. In the event of a tie in which two teams have the same amount of points, the winner will be decided based on which team had more regular season wins. If there is still a tie, the team that recorded more wins against each other (head to head record) will be proclaimed the winner. If their head to head record is identical, then the team with the better goal differential is the winner.
#209 Dynasty Leagues Q. Why did some of my players' salaries change between seasons?
  A. At the end of each season, your team renegotiates its contracts will all of your players. The salary of each player will go up or down based on the stats he put up in the past SimLeague season. In order to qualify for a renegotiated contract, the player must have played at least 20 games in the previous season. A new contract will never be more than a 30% increase, nor will ever be more than a 30% decrease from the previous salary value.
#210 Dynasty Leagues Q. Something has come up and I can't finish my Dynasty SimLeague. What now?
  A. As part of the terms and conditions you agreed to when joining a Dynasty SimLeague, it is your responsibility to find an owner to take control of the team. You may use the public forums to advertise your team. Once you have found an owner willing to take over, submit a support ticket to our customer support department to complete the switch. We cannot give refunds if you have to give away your team.

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