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#162 Roster Management Q. Can I change my roster after I join a league?
  A. Once you click on "Create Team", your roster can not be modified until your season starts. After your season starts, you can use the waiver wire or propose trades with other owners to adjust your lineup.

Allowing owners to adjust their lineups after they click "Create Team" would give the owners earliest into the league an unfair advantage over the last owners to join the league.
#182 Roster Management Q. When is the deadline for setting my game roster, lines, pairs, and starting goalie?
  A. The deadline only applies for the visiting team. The NHL has a rule where the visiting team must submit their lineup first so that the home team can view it and make the appropriate adjustments. SimLeague Hockey honors that rule by imposing a deadline for the visiting teams. If your next game is on the road, you have until 11:59am EDT to set your lineup if the next game is a PM game. If it's an AM game, you have until 11:59pm EDT to set your final lineup. Once the deadline passes, your game roster, lines and pairs will be locked until the game plays.

If you are the home team, you have up until the game is simulated to set your lineup (between 2:15 and 2:45 AM/PM).

In order to make it fair for all teams, the waiver wire will be locked for both home and away teams during the time that visiting teams' rosters are locked.
#189 Roster Management Q. How do Minor Leaguers work?
  A. Minor Leaguers are fictional players created for each team. Six of them will be created for each team and will have a Stamina, Shooting, Skating, Toughness, Saving, and Defense rating. The Stamina rating indicates how long a player can play before becoming fatigued. The Toughness rating is how likely he is to be penalized.

Initially minor leaguers will be placed on the Minor League Roster located in the GM's Office. Once the season starts owners may activate players at any time with no limitations.

Minor Leaguers improve with ice time. If you click on a minor leaguer's name in the GM's Office to view his profile, you can read the coach's comments on his improvement. When he improves, his skill ratings will increase slightly in various areas.

NOTE: Minor Leaguers are only generated for full-season leagues. For theme leagues, the founder may set an option to not allow minor leaguers, as well as specifying the default skill level of the minor leaguers in the league.

For more information on theme league options, see knowledge base article #178.
#198 Roster Management Q. How do I release players?
  A. There are two ways you can release a player. At any point during the season, you may go to your GM's Office and click the "Release" button next to the player you wish to release. This action will release the player, but you will not receive anything in return except the units in which you were paying that player. You can also use the Waiver Wire to release a player and gain another in return. Note that only players signed to professional contracts may be released during the season.

For more information on the waiver wire, see knowledge base article #184.

For more information on player contracts, see knowledge base article #197.
#199 Roster Management Q. Why is the "Financial Information" page important?
  A. This page, located in the GM's Office, is important because it allows you to see where all of your player units are allotted -- including adjustments such as waiver wire transaction fees, rule violation fines (Theme & Dynasty SimLeagues only), and winning bonuses (Dynasty SimLeagues only). It also breaks down all of your players' contract types and values. In Dynasty SimLeagues, you will be able to see each player's previous contract so you can tell if his value went up or down between seasons.

For more information on Dynasty Leagues, see knowledge base article #204.

For more information on player contracts, see knowledge base article #197.
#560 Roster Management Q. How do the minor leagues work? Are there any restrictions on sending players down or calling players up?
  A. In open leagues, you will have 29 players on your team (23 drafted, 6 minor leaguers). You may only have 25 players at the NHL level at a given time. So if a player becomes injured or is not performing the way you would like, you can send him down to the minor leagues and call another player up in his place.

To do this, go to your GM's Office. You will see all of your players at both the NHL and minor league levels. From here, you can send players down or call them up.

There are two restrictions. You may not have more than 25 players at the NHL level. There is also a 24-hour waiting period after a player is sent to, or called up from, the minors. This means you must wait at least 24 hours before you can move him between levels again.

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