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#211 Trades Q. Give me an overview of SimLeague Hockey trading!
  A. First things first, go to your GM's Office's "Manage Team Roster" section. There is a column for each player called "Trading Block." Putting a check mark next to any player you are looking to trade, then scroll down to the bottom of that column and click the "Save" button. The rest of the league can now easily see who you are looking to trade.

Next, click the "Trading Block" section of the GM's Office. This screen shows you all of the players in your league that other teams have placed on the trading block. Note that your trading block players are NOT visible to you, although other teams will see them. If a player's name is followed by (F), this indicates that the player is a fantasy player, and not a historical real player.

If you see a player you are interested in, simply click his name and a trade proposal will automatically be started for that player. If not, you can start your own trade proposal. Next, click the "Trade Proposals" section of the GM's Office. This screen will show you any existing proposals for your league and give you the option to start a new one. If a proposal is submitted to you, you will see who it is from and the link to "Respond" to the proposal. Your responses can either be to accept the trade, reject it, or make a counter offer. An offer can consist of 0-6 players (max of 3 per team) and additional players units (SimLeague money). You can also save comments along with the proposal in your team's box under "Team Notes."

Once you submit a trade proposal, its status is marked as "On the Table" until the other person either accepts or rejects the offer. You can also withdraw the offer. If the same players are in more than one trade proposal, when one trade goes through the other trades will be cancelled automatically. If you waive a player in a trade proposal, the trade will also be cancelled. All cancelled trades will be marked as "Off the Table." If the other person rejects the trade, it is marked as "Rejected." If the other person accepts the trade, it enters a 24-hour "Pending" status. During the pending status, everyone else in your league has the ability to review the trade. If they feel it is fair, they can choose to approve it. If people feel the trade is not fair, they can veto the trade. If a trade proposal tallies up 6 vetoes during the 24-hour pending period, its status will be changed to "Vetoed" and will be cancelled.

If the trade is not vetoed or cancelled during the 24-hour pending period, its status will be changed to "Completed" and the trade will be processed. Trades will not be processed during the time blocks of 12:00pm-3:00pm or 12:00am-3:00am EDT due to the NHL roster lockout period. If the 24-hour period expired during one of those blocks, it will be processed within an hour passed the blocked time period.

Alerts! It is very important that everyone keeps up with trades going on in the league. Whenever a new proposal is pending, you will see trade alerts on most SimLeague Hockey screens notifying you that you need to look at the trade and either approve it or veto it. Once you vote on a trade, it disappears from the trade proposals screen. This is always done from the "Trade Proposals" section of the GM's Office and clicking on the GM's Office tab while the alert is flashing will automatically take you there. The alert will continue to flash until you have either voted on all pending trades or reviewed all completed trades.

We hope this quick introduction to SimLeague trading was helpful. If you have any further questions, check out the rest of the trading topics in this FAQ or contact us.
#212 Trades Q. Can I trade minor league and/or fantasy players?
  A. Most definitely! Anybody and everybody can be traded away. You can free some payroll by dumping veterans for prospects. Or you can burn that available cash by trading away a prospect for another superstar. Anything goes!
#213 Trades Q. Do trades have to be even (1-for-1 or 2-for-2)?
  A. Absolutely not! Uneven trades are permitted. 2-for-1, 3-for-1, even 3-for-none is allowed. If you have a lot of spare player units and would almost rather buy a player, you can offer player units to help sweeten the deal in some situations.
#214 Trades Q. Are there any roster-related limitations on trades?
  A. Yes, but it's pretty flexible:

Your roster size cannot fall below 25 players (23 skaters, 2 goalies) after a trade is completed. The number of goalies on your team cannot fall below 2 players after a trade is completed. The number of players (skaters & goalies combined) cannot exceed 35 players after a trade is completed. You must have at least 10 forwards, 5 defenders, and 2 goalies on your roster. Minor league prospects DO NOT count toward these requirements -- they must be real players. This requirement may be not apply if you are in a theme league, as the founder has the ability to turn it off.

And don't worry, you'll be informed of these restrictions if your trade proposal violates any of the requirements.
#215 Trades Q. Are there any financial limitations on trades?
  A. Sure, but it's simple. Add up all you're trading away, subtract all you're receiving and make sure it doesn't break your team's budget. But all this is calculated for you when you build your trade proposal, so you'll always know where you stand on budget issues.
#216 Trades Q. How will I be notified of new trade proposals?
  A. Most SimLeague Hockey pages display information boxes at the top (unless there is no information to display), just under the header menu. Any trade information that needs your attention will show up in those boxes. In addition, you will receive an email any time one of your team's trades is completed or vetoed.
#217 Trades Q. Can a trade be vetoed by other owners? How long do I have to wait before a trade completes?
  A. It sure can. As soon as a trade proposal is agreed upon by both sides, a 24-hour owner approval process begins. During this time, each owner may choose to approve or reject the trade proposal. After the approval period expires, the votes are tallied and the trade is either completed or vetoed. The number of votes required to veto a trade could be different in each league. The league founder has the ability to specify how many votes are needed in Theme and Dynasty Leagues. The trade proposal screen (in the GM's Office), will always display the number of votes needed in your league.

Remember, your veto vote isn't a secret! The owners will see who approved and who rejected a trade. Who knows how this could affect your future wheeling and dealings?

Please Note: All roster moves are blocked during the 2 hours before game time. If the 24-hours approval period expires during this time period, the trade will not be completed until the games are played.
#218 Trades Q. What happens to my roster after a trade? What about my lines and pairs?
  A. If any of the players traded away are on one or more lines or pairs, that spot will become empty. You'll need to go in and make the necessary changes before the next game or else the simulation engine will do it for you.

All newly acquired position players on the active roster will be placed on the scratch list.
#572 Trades Q. The trade alert will not go away! Help!
  A. Even if you are not involved in a trade, it is important for you to be aware of who is being traded in your league. For this reason, you are alerted of most trading activity in your league. There are four reasons why the trade alert shows up:
  • When a new trade or a counter offer is proposed to you, you must respond to it (by clicking the Respond link) and then either reject it, accept it, or make a counter offer. Once this is done, the trade alert will stop.
  • When an owner accepts your trade, you must review his acceptance in the event that comments or conditions were added or changed. To review the trade, click the Review link. Once this is done, the trade alert will stop.
  • When a trade proposal is accepted and enters the pending phase, the rest of the owners in the league (not involved with the trade) will get an alert to vote on the trade. If you are not involved in the trade, you must click the Vote link and then click to either approve or veto the trade. Once this is done, the trade alert will stop.
  • When a trade completes, all users (including the two involved) will receive one final alert. This way, people not involved will know if the trade was approved or vetoed by the league. It also informs the two owners involved that their players were traded. You must view the trade one final time by clicking the View link to make the alert stop.
Depending on the status of any trade(s) in your league, if you follow the appropriate step(s) listed above, you can make the alert go away.

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