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#171 Games/Boxscores Q. Where can I see the other scores in my league?
  A. You can find the other scores for any date on your schedule. Simply go to the League Office of any of your teams and click on any date on your schedule (to the left of your team's result for that date). This will display a window with the other games for that date with links to all the boxscores.
#181 Games/Boxscores Q. Where do I find the boxscores to see how my team did?
  A. We have centralized everything you need to know about your league within the Team Center. From the Team Center, you can manage all of your teams. From there you can access the league page which includes the schedule.

You may view boxscores by clicking game scores in the schedule or by clicking the date in the schedule you may view results for the entire league on that day.
#518 Games/Boxscores Q. I have a problem or question about a game that I would like WhatIfSports to look at.
  A. No problem! Simply open the boxscore for the game in question and click the [Customer Support] link at the bottom of the boxscore page. Then follow the on-screen instructions.
#520 Games/Boxscores Q. What is the plus/minus (+/-) stat and how is it calculated?
  A. The plus/minus stat, sometimes referred to as the plus/minus ratio is a way of measuring how good of a defender a player is.

This stat can be a little confusing. I'll try to clear it up for you. If your team scores a goal while at either even strength or shorthanded, all of your players currently on the ice get 1 point added to their +/- totals (+1). If a opposing team scores a goal while your team is at even strength or on a power play, all of your players currently on the ice get 1 point subtracted from their +/- totals (-1). If a team scores while having an advantage (more players on the ice), neither side's players receive any changes in +/-. All players begin the season with a 0 +/- total.

Players ending the season with their +/- total at a high positive number indicates that they are on the ice more when your team is scoring than being scored upon. Just like a negative total would indicate the player is on the ice more when your team is scored upon than when your team is scoring.
#521 Games/Boxscores Q. My player scored on a penalty shot, but he is not credited for a goal in the bosxcore stats or in his season stats. Why?
  A. The NHL scores penalty shots as their own separate stat. It does not count as a "goal" for the scorer or a "goal against" for the goalie. It simply counts as a "penalty shot goal" and a "penalty shot goal against" in the stats. Currently, our system does not track penalty shot goals or penalty shot goals against, but we plan to do so in the near future.
#571 Games/Boxscores Q. My players are not getting the ice time I expected. Is there a way to see more detailed information about ice time and line changes?
  A. Yes! If your players are playing more (or less) than you would expect based on your line and pair settings, follow these steps to see more detailed information.
  • Open the box score for any game in question.
  • Click the "Full PBP" link on the scoreboard graphic in the Play-by-Play section. This opens a full play-by-play pop-up window.
  • In the pop-up window, place a check mark in the box next to "Show Line Changes" in the top right corner. This displays all line & pair changes in green in the play-by-play text.
  • Now, you can read the full play-by-play with the line & pair changes included. This also shows any instance of player shadowing and line matching, as well as all players entering the game for each change.
  • You can also use your browser's Find/Search feature to find all instances of when a player entered the game by searching for a particular last name on the page (In Internet Explorer and Firefox, press Ctrl + F to open a Find box).

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