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#84 Game Play Q. How do I join a game?
  A. After entering a venue, there will be a list of games within that venue. If a game is available, you will see a "click to join" link in the game display. You can join as either the home or visiting team. Once you click the link, you will be taken to the "pre-game" screen, where you will make settings necessary to start the game, such as selecting your team and setting game options. While in the pre-game screen you will still be able to chat with other people in the venue. You and your opponent will be taken to the private chat room for the game, once the game has started.
#86 Game Play Q. Can I play against the computer?
  A. Yes. Join a game as either the home or visiting team, and when you get to the pre-game screen, click on the "options" button to open the options panel. Select the "play vs. SimManager" option. You will then be able to set the pre-game options for the SimManager.
#87 Game Play Q. How do I watch a game?
  A. After entering a venue, there will be a list of games within that venue. You can watch any of the games that have started and are not final. If a game can be watched, there will be a "click to watch" icon next to the game display. After clicking it, you will see a "loading" screen. Once the game is loaded, you will see the game screen and the current state of the game. While watching a game, you will be in the game chat room and be able to chat with the players and other watchers in the game.
#88 Game Play Q. What are those brackets around a person's name in the game display?
  A. When someone disconnects or leaves a game, that person's name will be displayed in brackets on the game display in the venue.
#89 Game Play Q. I do not want to play with the person that joined my game, but he won't leave. Can I get rid of him?
  A. Yes. If you are the person that joined the game first, you can remove anyone that joins you by pressing the "boot" button in the pre-game screen. You can also exit the game at anytime. Leaving a game, or being booted from a game, will place you back in the venue.
#92 Game Play Q. How do I get Rating Points?
  A. Rating Points are rewarded at the end of the game. The amount is based on whether you win or lose and the relative strengths of the teams.

If a player leaves a game, or is disconnected, and are not connected to the game for a certain amount of plays, they will not receive any points. This does not affect the other player in the game.
#93 Game Play Q. How long does a game take to play?
  A. The time that a game takes to play depends on the game speed option set in the options panel. The player that starts the game is able to set the options.

Typical game times are:

  • Fast = 10-15 minutes
  • Normal = 15-20 minutes
  • Slow = 20-25 minutes
The actual time played is affected by several things - time taken for substitutions, high scoring games, and extra innings to name a few.
#94 Game Play Q. How do I make a substitution?
  A. To make a substitution during a game, click the "sub" button. This will bring up two tables with an "Insert into Lineup" button between them. The upper table shows the current lineup in their current batting order. The bottom table shows all available players. Select the player in the lineup table that you wish to be substituted for by clicking on his row. Then click on the player's row in the bottom table that you wish to bring into the game. Hit the "Insert into Lineup" button to complete the switch. Depending on the situation the lineup will show PH, PR, or the incoming players position. If you wish to change the PR or PH to a position or move outfielder to different outfield positions, use the POS button.

Once you have the lineup set, press the "Set Batting Order" button and this will signal the change to the game engine. If you wish to cancel the substitution, press the "Exit" button and you will return to the game. You must have a valid lineup when taking the field (i.e. all positions must be filled) or the substitution will not take place.

The game will be paused while a player is making a substitution.
#95 Game Play Q. What is that "arm %" for the pitcher?
  A. The "arm %" number is a relative number for how tired the pitcher is and how well he will perform compared to his regular stats. As this number gets lower, the pitcher gets more fatigued and is less likely to perform at his best. This number changes after each batter.
#96 Game Play Q. How can I see the players' stats?
  A. If you press the "Roster" button, you will see tables for both teams' rosters, which shows the batting and pitching stats for all players.
#100 Game Play Q. Someone just challenged me. How do I accept it?
  A. To accept an Issued challenge, open the challenge window by clicking on the "Challenges" window and clicking on the Pending Games tab, then either double click the game with "received" as its status or right click on the game and select "Accept Challenge".

As soon as the challenge is accepted, you and your opponent will be placed into the new game.

NOTE: If you are currently in a game when the challenge is accepted, you will be removed and placed in the new game.
#101 Game Play Q. Why did a challenge that I issued disappear?
  A. There are two ways that challenges will be removed: by disconnecting or by joining a game. When someone disconnects, or closes the applet, any challenges that they have issued, or have been issued to them, will be removed. Also, when a player joins a game, any challenges that they have issued will be removed. This is to prevent a player from inadvertantly being removed from their current game when a challenge is accepted.
#103 Game Play Q. How is fatigue affected?
  A. When you start a SimLeagues Live game, your current fatigue levels will be used, regardless of when the game you are playing is scheduled. After the game, your new fatigue levels will be calculated the same as if the game had been played regularly. Note that this could possibly affect your next scheduled game, so you may want to check your team management settings after each SimLeagues Live game.
#104 Game Play Q. Are AAA players included on the roster?
  A. Players that are in AAA, or have been sent down, will not be on your roster. However, any prospects that you have moved up will be available.
#105 Game Play Q. Can I use one of my SimLeague teams to play a non-league game?
  A. Yes. When searching for a team, select "user created" or "all" from the Team choice box to have the option to use one of your user created teams.
#714 Game Play Q. I have a runner on first and third and attempt a hit and run. It's a groundball to the 1B with the infield playing in. How can my runner on third be thrown out at the plate if a hit and run is on?
  A. With runners on 1st and 3rd, the hit and run implies that only the runner on 1st is moving unless the hitter also attempts to bunt for a hit. If the batter is swing away, it just makes no logical sense for the runner on 3rd to be moving on the pitch since a ball or swing and miss would result in him being easily tagged out. That explains the runner being nailed at the plate. The infield is in and they have time to get the runner at home. On a ball hit to the right side, the runner on third will usually attempt to score.

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