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#362 Coaching Career Q. What happens if I don't renew my team?

At the end of the regular season, each coach who has not signed up for another season will receive an email reminder. After the conference championship, coaches who still have not signed up for another season will receive a final reminder. At the end of the season, any schools whose coaches have not signed up for the subsequent season will have their teams made available to the general public.

Once you lose your school, you can not automatically reclaim that school and will have to go through the job hiring process.

#365 Coaching Career Q. Does everyone start at Division III? Can you pay more to start at Division II or higher?
  A. Yes, every coach starts in Division III and can only reach Division II, Division I-AA, or Division I-A by applying to a job for a DII, DI-AA, or D-IA school. Coaches must meet requirements for moving up in divisions.
#366 Coaching Career Q. Can coaches get fired?

Yes! Although not in Division III or II. But, once you get up to Division I-A and I-AA, the administration and alumni of some schools demand success. If you're in trouble, the administration will certainly let you know. In addition, you'll see your job status change in your office.

The different levels of job security are as follows:

  • Very Secure
  • Secure
  • Little to no jeopardy
  • In Jeopardy

#367 Coaching Career Q. What do schools look for when they are hiring coaches? How can I move up?
  A. Schools have minimum requirements for Reputation and Loyalty, as well as expecting a certain level of recent success and experience. These requirements are more strict at higher divisions. General notes are listed for each opening describing what they will be looking for in a new coach. Once the job change period begins, the general notes will be replaced with direct indications as to whether or not you qualify for the jobs listed.
#368 Coaching Career Q. What's the deal with Loyalty?

Your Loyalty grade represents how loyal you've been during your coaching career at the various schools you've coached. Coaches are graded from A+ (best) to F (worst). For each season you remain at the same school, your Loyalty will improve. Every time you move to a new job your Loyalty will take a hit.

If you fail to renew at your school and come back to the same school, your Loyalty will not increase. Also, your Loyalty will not increase while you are unemployed.

NOTE: All new coaches begin with a loyalty rating of B-.

#434 Coaching Career Q. Who is allowed to apply for another job?
  A. All coaches who have purchased additional seasons are allowed to apply for a new coaching job. If you have 0 remaining seasons, you may purchase additional Gridiron Dynasty seasons at any time and become eligible to apply for other jobs.
#435 Coaching Career Q. How many schools am I allowed to apply to?
  A. You may have your application considered by as many as 5 schools.
#436 Coaching Career Q. When am I allowed to submit applications? When will I get a decision?

You may apply to another school at any point during the season. However, schools will not make any coaching moves until after the season has ended. Once the season has ended, schools will make decisions at their own pace during the job application period prior to the new season starting.

#437 Coaching Career Q. Once I apply for a job can I withdraw my application?
  A. Yes, you may withdraw an application as long as the school has not already considered it.
#438 Coaching Career Q. Is it possible to get more than one job offer?
  A. No. The first school to accept your application is the job you will receive. By applying in the first place, you implicitly accept the job once it is offered. Any pending applications that you may have will no longer be considered by other schools.
#812 Coaching Career Q. What is the logic used in the progression leading up to being fired? For example I was fired after appearing in a 3rd straight bowl game. How does that happen?
  A. You will typically receive a minimum of 5 seasons at a DIA school when you move up from DIAA. After 5 seasons, the school expects you to have the program in the position to compete for the conference championship and winning bowl games. Also, if you look at the final WIS ranking after each season, it improved in the first season from #98 to #81. However, it then fell back to #99 in the second season. In the 3rd - 5th seasons, while making a move up in the 3rd, the team stopped improving with final rankings of #51, #45, #45 and the overall record declined in each season from 9-5 to 8-6 to 7-7. With the lack of improvement over 3 seasons, the decrease in wins each season, and the stagnation of the overall ranking, the school decided to move on.

In more general terms, the initial 5 season "contract" is extremely realistic, especially for schools within BCS conferences and coaches can save their jobs and essentially get 1 season "extensions" simply by winning a bowl game. A coach can get a much larger extension (jump back to very secure job status) by winning a conference championship or a BCS bowl game.
#813 Coaching Career Q. Please explain to me how another coach got hired as new coach over me.
  A. Job decisions are based on four criteria: success, loyalty, reputation and experience. Also, schools prefer coaches who are actively coaching over those that are unemployed. Success is based on the four most recent seasons and the more recent the season the more weight it carries. Though not exact you can get an idea as to what your success was for a season by looking at the WIS Ranking for that season. The coach with the best resume based on these criteria will be hired.

What's the reasoning behind only using 4 seasons?

The reasoning is that coaches are very much defined by a "what have you done lately" view in real life and we wanted to carry that over into the game. We have to do this in order to give coaches with less longevity a chance at jobs. If we didn't "expire" accomplishments the highest rated coaches in the game would be the coaches who have been around the longest and not necessarily those that are winning now.
#821 Coaching Career Q. What's the deal with reputation?
  A. Your reputation is how you are viewed by the administration, other coaches, players and even recruits. Coaches are graded from A+ (best) to F (worst). Your reputation could possibly take a hit if you program is investigated by the WCAA or if you rescind a player's scholarship - these are just two examples that could cause a hit to your reputation. Another is not living up to recruiting promises. Your reputation also has a slight effect during recruiting. Only time can help your reputation improve.
#850 Coaching Career Q. Is there a maximum amount of job openings I can apply for?
  A. Yes, you may apply to a maximum of 5 job openings.

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