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#370 Recruiting Q. If I make 5 calls at once is it any different (not necessarily better) than if I called once?
  A. Yes, by setting the number of phone calls to 5, you'll get 5 times the recruiting 'effort' towards the recruit although you may only get one response from the recruit instead of 5 - but you still get credit for putting forth the effort.
#371 Recruiting Q. What happens if I run out of cash and haven't signed any recruits?
  A. If you are unable to sign enough recruits, your assistant coach will help you out! At the end of the recruiting period, he will find players that will accept your scholarships and fill out your remaining roster spots.
#372 Recruiting Q. How many players will I have to recruit? How many total scholarships do I have available?

The number of open scholarships will vary by school. When you initially accept the job, you will see the number of scholarships available. As you progress through subsequent seasons at that school, you'll have various numbers of scholarships to fill as kids graduate, transfer, quit, leave early for the NFL, etc. Your total roster size is 50 players and all players are on scholarship.

#373 Recruiting Q. What happens if I don't use all of my recruiting budget?
  A. A total of 25% of any cash not used during the recruiting period will carry over to your team's recruiting budget for the following season as long as you have filled all of your scholarships. If you do not fill all of your scholarships, you will be left with substantially less because your assistant coach will use your remaining money to fill the open scholarships.
#374 Recruiting Q. What if I offer my 2 remaining scholarships to 10 players and the 2 players I wanted least end up accepting my offer first?
  A. Tough luck - it's a signed agreement between the school and the player. If you don't want to enter into that situation, just offer your first two choices their scholarships first and wait for a response. If they say no, work your way down your list.
#375 Recruiting Q. Does the success of my program impact the quality and quantity of our recruits?

Yes, the more success your program enjoys, the easier it will become to land recruits in the future. Conversely, if your program tanks for a couple of seasons or falls under WCAA investigation (just as examples), you may find getting kids to come to your school very challenging.

#376 Recruiting Q. What if I guarantee a recruit a starting spot, then I don't give it to him or promise playing time and don't live up to the promise? Are there any repercussions?

Yes, there could be - players who are promised a starting spot (and then are not started) or promised a certain amount of playing time and do not get it could do any number of things ranging from nothing all the way up to quitting.

NOTE: For playing time promises, keep in mind that a player's Stamina greatly affects how much he can play, so promising 75% playing time to a player with mid to low Stamina may not be possible. It is recommended that you get a feel for how much Stamina affects playing time in the game before you start making promises for playing time.

Players expect to receive their promised starts and promised playing time in every game to avoid any repercussions, not just average it.
#377 Recruiting Q. I'm coaching in Division III, what are the odds of landing a DI-A type of player - maybe even someone that's ranked?
  A. Slim and none - and slim just left the building. DI-A players are like supermodels - most won't even acknowledge your existence. Save your money for the players that you actually have a shot with.
#378 Recruiting Q. Is there any signficance to the order of the schools that the recruit is considering?
  A. No, the order of the schools doesn't matter.
#379 Recruiting Q. I went to a recruit's house but he wasn't there - why didn't I get my money back?

Some kids will stiff you if they don't think enough of you and/or your program to remember the meeting. You've still had to make the trip so you don't get your money back. The moral of the story is to not spend your high cost recruiting items on recruits unless you're confident they have a high level of interest.

#380 Recruiting Q. Do recruits have any school preferences before recruiting begins?
  A. Yes -- they could already be interested in a Sim AI school but they will not already be interested in a user coached school in terms of having the school on their considering list in most situations. However, all recruits do have a favorite school that they will be more open to during recruiting. In some cases, a recruit may have been scouted during the previous season and this is enough for the recruit to open the recruiting period considering that school(s).
#381 Recruiting Q. Do recruits become "easier" to recruit as the recruiting window begins to close?
  A. Yes, recruits will not need as much persuasion as the signing period gets shorter. Of course, by waiting though, you run the risk of the recruit signing with someone else.
#382 Recruiting Q. What factors do recruits consider besides the amount of attention they receive in recruiting?

Recruits look at not only the amount of attention they are given but also the school and coach that's doing the wooing. More successful schools have an easier time of recruiting than do schools that have a losing tradition and/or have been on probation. Recruits also need to decide which school is a better fit for them - who's offering starting spots, etc. Additionally, the recruit factors in the success, experience, reputation, and loyalty of the coach who is recruiting him.

#383 Recruiting Q. If I'm caught committing recruiting violations (Booster Gifts), can that impact me getting another coaching job?
  A. Yes, when schools are looking for coaches, they look at 4 different factors:
  • Experience
  • Success
  • Reputation
  • Loyalty
#690 Recruiting Q. Why are the recruits that I see in my recruiting search possibly different from the players that other coaches see in their recruiting searches?
  A. When you search for recruits and enter the division (you should always enter your current division level), the recruits returned to you are those that would be willing to play at your school --- this means the results are specific to your school and based on your school's prestige level within the game (based on school history). This is done because a player who is borderline D-II / D-III, for example, and has options at both levels would consider playing for a top D-III school, but not an average or below average D-III school and therefore those schools (average or below) would simply be wasting their money if they tried to recruit him.
#692 Recruiting Q. I was recruiting a player who was giving me positive feedback but when it came time to sign, he signed with another school. How did this happen?
  A. A recruit is capable of changing his mind at anytime up to, and including, the minute he signs on the dotted line. Never put too much stock in anything a potential recruit might say to your face and remember that you shouldn't consider him to be signed until he makes his commitment. Other schools/coaches are continually recruiting players as well and they could swing the recruit over to their side at any point.
#814 Recruiting Q. How are recruits distributed each season to make recruiting competitive and fun?
  A. Recruits are spread throughout the country based upon population density (real life), number of colleges in the area (GD), the division of the colleges in the area (GD), and the traditional location of many recruits (real life). This results in a situation where every school at the DIA level has about 12 DIA level recruits within their state/close recruiting range (this number increases as you go down the divisions so that recruiting becomes much easier). The positions of these players is random, so you may need a RB but have none close by, but you may need a WR and have 3 close by to choose from. This means luck does play a role. Our current perception is that this setup works well and creates a fair recruiting landscape that encourages more recruiting battles within the upper divisions, which increases the challenge of the game, while giving newer coaches more leeway in learning how to recruit at the lower levels.
#815 Recruiting Q. In recruiting which has more weight, the amount of money you spend on a recruit or the attention you pay to him?
  A. The amount of money spent has absolutely no impact on recruiting -- the recruit does not care about the cost of anything. Money is simply used as a means to restrict recruiting efforts of coaches. Recruiting is about developing the relationship with the recruit using a variety of the recruiting tools available to you as the coach.
#816 Recruiting Q. Where do the points come from for the recruiting class rankings?
  A. The points are based on the number of recruits and their corresponding skill levels. All recruits have an underlying value. Bonus points are gained for signing nationally ranked recruits and a 5 star recruit is worth more than a 4 start recruit, etc. The point system used is very much tied to the skill level of the recruit. Therefore, the higher rated guys available in the recruiting pool will garner more points in the recruiting ranking. Since these two are so closely tied and it is an intrinsic element of strategy within the game to determine values, we cannot give out the formula for determining the ranking points.
#817 Recruiting Q. Why did a "green" recruit sign with another school? What exactly does it mean when the Recruiting Summary view shows a recruit is "green"?
  A. Green simply means that you are the only school currently on the considering list. It does not indicate any level of commitment to sign and other schools could jump on the recruit. Most often you will get a chance to battle back but if another school makes a large enough push it can convince the recruit to sign with them. The best way to prevent this is to continue performing some recruiting actions even when a player is only considering your school and is "green" on the recruiting summary.
#825 Recruiting Q. How much money do I get for recruiting?
  A. Your recruiting budget is based on 4 factors:

  1. Which division are you in? DIII schools will receive much less per open scholarship than DI schools.
  2. How many scholarships do you have open, and
  3. How did my team/conference do in the Post-Season?, and
  4. Any money carried over from the previous season (up to 25% can be carried over if all scholarships have been filled).
If a team is not renewed, then National Tournament money and carry over money are both wiped out - that way all new coaches will begin at the same level.

Your recruiting budget is set immediately after the job change period concludes and is based on the number of open scholarships at that time.

At DIII, schools receive approximately $3,000 per open scholarship - DII receives around $6,000 per open scholarship - DI-AA receives around $10,000 per open scholarship - DI-A receives around $15,000 per open scholarship.
#830 Recruiting Q. What if I accidentally make a recruiting offer to a recruit I didn't intend? Is there any way to withdrawal a recruiting action?

Yes, except for scholarship offers. If the recruiting action has not been processed, you can withdraw the action on the recruit's profile under the History tab. The recruiting dollars will be returned to your budget.

#849 Recruiting Q. Is face time with a recruit required to sign them?
  A. Yes, to sign a recruit you must have had face time with them, such as a scouting trip or visit. Without this they will not sign with your team even if they are considering you.

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