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#385 Roster Management Q. Are there any roster restrictions? Do I have to have a backup at every position?

No, there are not any roster restrictions. As the coach, it is entirely up to you to decide how many quarterbacks or kickers to have on your team. However, it is advisable to have at least one backup at every position in case you have a player get injured, suspended, etc. To this end, your assistant coach will look to add depth to your team if he has to fill scholarships that you fail to fill during the recruiting period.

#394 Roster Management Q. What is a 'redshirt'?
  A. The term "redshirt" is used to describe a student-athlete who does not participate in competition in a sport for an entire academic year and thereby does not use one of his 4 years of athletic eligibility.
#395 Roster Management Q. Are there restrictions for redshirting players?

Yes, you can redshirt a maximum of three (3) players per season. In order to redshirt, a player cannot have played in any games this season and cannot have had a previous redshirt season. Players can have a redshirt season at any point during their college career. Redshirts can be applied up until the seventh (7) game of the season ends and can be removed at any point during the season. Only coaches who have remaining seasons with their team are allowed to hand out redshirts.

#398 Roster Management Q. Do redshirt players practice? Do they dress for games?
  A. Yes, redshirt players practice with the team. No, they do not dress for games and are unavailable to play in a game regardless of the situation.
#399 Roster Management Q. Will all players who have had a redshirt season return for a 5th year?

No, not all players who have a 5th year of eligibility will return. Every player that has a chance to return will make this decision based upon many factors, not the least of which is playing time the past season and perceived playing time for the upcoming season.

#400 Roster Management Q. If I redshirt a player, does that mean I have another roster spot for another player?
  A. No. A redshirt player still uses a roster spot and your team will have to play games with less players.
#401 Roster Management Q. Do I have to remove a player's redshirt at the end of the season?
  A. No. When the next season begins, all the redshirt players from the previous season will be automatically restored to eligible status. If you click the 'remove redshirt' link, you will use a year of that player's eligibility.
#402 Roster Management Q. What is a medical hardship waiver?
  A. A medical hardship waiver can be given to a player by the WCAA who has missed a significant portion of the season because of an injury. It provides for an extra year of eligibility for the player similar to a redshirt.
#403 Roster Management Q. Who is eligible for a medical hardship waiver?

Players are eligible if they have participated in less than 20% of the scheduled season and the illness or injury occurs in the first half of the season. Previous redshirt players are not eligible. The illness or injury must result in an incapacity to compete for the remainder of the season. Players who have already had a redshirt season or a prior waiver are not eligible.

#404 Roster Management Q. How does a player apply for the medical hardship waiver?
  A. An application on the player's behalf will automatically be submitted to the WCAA by his school's member conference. No action is required by the coach, nor is it his decision. The waivers are handed out by the WCAA at the conclusion of the season.
#421 Roster Management Q. Between seasons, I'd like to rescind a scholarship to one of my returning players - can I do that?

Yes. Once the season is over and before the next season begins (during the jobs period), you will have a chance to evaluate your team and decide whether or not a player deserves to keep his scholarship. Rescinding scholarships can have an effect on your reputation as a coach and make it harder for you to recruit. You must have seasons remaining on your account in order to rescind a scholarship.

When the option is available to you, there will be a 'Rescind Scholarship' link next to players' names in your office roster listing. All rescinded scholarships are then available to be filled during the next recruiting period (the appropriate amount of money is added to your recruiting budget).

The amount your reputation is affected by is based on whether or not you recruited the player. There will be more of a reputation hit if you recruited the player (not SimAI).

#422 Roster Management Q. Is there a limit to the number of scholarships that can be rescinded each season?
  A. Yes. Your athletic director will not let you rescind more than 3 scholarships per season.
#423 Roster Management Q. Can I change a player's position?

Yes. To change a player's position, open his profile by clicking on his name in your office and then clicking the "Change Position" tab. Then you can select a new position for the player. All positions cannot be changed to all other positions:

Position Invalid Switches
Once you change a player's position, his ratings are permanently changed to reflect this switch and his position cannot be changed again nor reversed. You will not be allowed to completely eliminate all the players at a given position. Additionally, you are limited to 5 position changes per season.

#674 Roster Management Q. Why is my player not getting credit for starting games?

Starters will be determined using the following rules:

  • The formation that is most used in the game will determine the starting 11 positions
  • The players at each of those 11 positions with the most number of plays will be picked as the starter at the end of each game
    • In the case where they have the same number of plays, the player on the default depth chart will get the nod as the starter

Additionally, any player that has 60% or greater playing time will also get credit for a start. This may cause an additional starter or two.

#697 Roster Management Q. If I make a starting spot promise to a recruit during recruiting and then redshirt him, does this delay the promise? Will he get upset? What about a playing time promise?
  A. The redshirt season does not delay the promise and the player may get upset. A freshman start promise is a commitment to start the player in his first season with the team. Likewise, a sophomore start promise is a commitment to start the player in his second season with the team. A playing time promise (percent of plays) is for the player's first season with the team. The promises correspond to the player's year in school and not his eligibility.
#744 Roster Management Q. I have a player who has been promised 50% playing time and he is injured (at 60% health, but able to play). Can you tell me when he thinks he is healed enough and expects to get his plays? Does he expect to play in each game?
  A. This is different for each player, but generally speaking he will not complain if he is less than 80-85% healthy. When the player is considering his playing time (determining his participation percent), the game in which the player was injured and the game after he comes back from injury will not be considered (along with all the games between). All other games will be considered by the player.
#856 Roster Management Q. If I promise a player a specific amount of playing time, does he expect that amount each game or to average it?

When you promise a certain amount of playing time to a player, they expect it each game and not to just average it. When that promise is not met for a game they may get upset, it depends on the player.

To meet promises you'll want to make sure that your player is at the top of your depth chart and is set to be used in your formations and playbooks. You may also need to adjust their rest setting to a lower value to keep them in longer.

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