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#594 Roster Moves Q. I have a player on my team who is on the DL, showing (-2), but it won't let me remove him from the DL. Why not?
  A. This will happen if the player has recovered from his injury but has not completed his stint on the DL. For instance, a player may be injured for 45 days and put on the 60 day DL, when he is ready to come off the DL he will have had -15 days displayed.
Some injuries can also take longer to heal than originally expected, and that may account for some additional time on the DL.
#605 Roster Moves Q. I promoted Player A to my ML roster because one of my ML players was injured. Now that the ML player recovered, I'm ready to demote Player A back to the minors. How do I make sure that he doesn't receive any demotion penalties on his ratings?
  A. The player must be placed on the DL and the other player must be promoted in the same cycle (1 cycle = 1 HBD day). If that happens you should not see the ratings hit.
#669 Roster Moves Q. My player suffered a significant injury last season. I placed him on the DL at the beginning of the next season since he was still hurt. Why doesn't his retroactive date remain the same from last season, so that I can remove him from the 60-day DL after
  A. There is an MLB rule that requires all players on the DL to be activated from the DL at the end of the regular season. At this point, the retroactive date is reset. If a player is placed on the DL the next season, the retroactive date is the date he's placed on the DL.
#687 Roster Moves Q. I can't move up my Rookie league players because I get a Message that I must have 20 men on the Rookie League Roster.
  A. Roster minimums are enforced throughout the entire regular season and post season. You must meet the minimums until the world rolls over.
#688 Roster Moves Q. Not sure if this is possible or has been considered, but prior to the start of the season, after budgets are set, we can promote/demote players via the GM page. However, there is a little annoyance when trying to move players b/c you can't always put the
  A. While we would like to be able to do this we just can't. If we don't enforce the minimums we open the door for teams to completely decimate a franchise by releasing every player at that level. Therefore, we must enforce the roster minimums throughout the season.
#689 Roster Moves Q. I have a player that cleared the waiver wire but when I try to demote him it says he must clear waivers again. What's up?
  A. The player was placed on waivers before the transaction deadline. Once the transaction deadline hits the player must clear waivers again.
#699 Roster Moves Q. Is sim engine supposed to be promoting guys?
  A. If you go to the management console you will see that the second to last box indicates that the AI will promote/demote players to cover injuries.
#860 Roster Moves Q. There are no Tryout Camp players available to sign.
  A. The tryout camp is replenished several times a day, but it does not start until after spring training concludes. So, once spring training concludes, you'll be able to use the tryout camp to re-stock your minors.

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