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#549 Free-Agency Q. Why is a 6-year minor league free-agent asking for so much money?
  A. The high demands are due to the fact that owners in HBD allow players to become 6-year minor league FAs that never would in real life. As a result, the demands are based on ratings, age and experience. We agree that it is very strange to see a 6-year FA asking for a contract in the millions, but it would also be very strange to see one player (6 year minor leaguer) asking for a minor league contract while another (major league FA) with the same skill set asks for $3M. Players that would fit into the category of a true 6-year minor league free-agent (a player that is not a prospect and has exhausted his time with a franchise) ask for the realistic amount. As we add the Rule 5 draft in the future, we hope this will reduce these higher than expected demands.
#568 Free-Agency Q. What are Type A and Type B free-agents?
  A. During each offseason (after the world rolls over), players are ranked within their position group. These groups include C, 1B/OF/DH, 2B/3B/SS, SP and RP. Any free-agent in the top 20% of their position is considered a Type A free-agent and any free-agent in the top 40% is considered a Type B free-agent. If another team signs a Type A free-agent prior to the Amateur Draft preparation period, the player's former team receives compensation. The former team receives the signing team's first round pick (or second round pick if the pick is one of the first 16 picks not including Type D picks). If it's a Type A or a Type B free-agent, the former team receives a supplemental pick between the first two rounds of the draft. Also when the Amateur Draft preparation period is reached , the supplemental round picks will be re-ordered so that each eligible franchise has at least one pick before they have an additional pick.
#578 Free-Agency Q. During the free-agency period at the beginning of this season, I signed a player who was an unsigned 1st round draft pick from the prior season. He demanded and I signed him to a 1-year $3.4M big league contract. What happens next year?
  A. His contract will be automatically renewed at the maximum rate of $500K.
#654 Free-Agency Q. I declined my team option with a player, will I get a compensation pick if he is a Type A/B free agent?
  A. You will not receive a compensation pick for a player if you decline a team option. The only way that you will receive a compensation pick for a player with a declined option is if the player declines his player option. You will also receive a compensation pick if the player declines his side of a mutual option.
#761 Free-Agency Q. A ML free agent in our world has several contracts offered to him that are the same exact value. How is it determined who he will sign with?

When a free agent has multiple exact offers of any value at the ML level the tiebreakers are as follows: relevant IQs of the coaching staff and ballpark. If the players previous franchise is also bidding on him, then that franchise will receive a loyalty bonus.

When the coaching staff is used to break the tie position players will look at the hitting IQ of the hitting coach and the fielding IQ of the fielding coach. Pitchers will look at the pitching IQ of the pitching coach and the bullpen coach. Please note that an FA will sign with the team that has better coaches in hand, which may or may not be the team that ends up with the best coach and/or staff.

In cases where the offers are still tied and the coaching staff has been factored in ballpark is used to determine which franchise the player will sign with. Pitchers always want to pitch in a pitchers park, while position players will always want to play in a hitters park.

When a free agent has multiple exact offers of any value at the minor league level the tiebreaker is organizational depth at the player's primary position.

#769 Free-Agency Q. Why did a free-agent I was trying to sign go with another franchise without giving me a chance to increase my offer?
  A. Free-agency works similar to real life free agency. There is a set period when free-agency begins and when the spring training begins. The majority of free-agents want to sign during this period. Free-agents typically receive multiple offers. Early in the FA period, they will receive and weigh many offers. As the time gets closer to the end, they will be less patient. Each player is different and has a different time table. Some will sign sooner than others. Each player has a different agent, too. While you'll typically get a chance to adjust your offer after another owner outbids you, it's not always the case as some players will have run out of patience or simply gotten an offer they really wanted. They will then sign on the spot rather than risk going a few more rounds.
#773 Free-Agency Q. I just had a free-agent that I was negotiating with sign a contract at 3am! Why do I have to stay up all hours of the day and night to compete!?!
  A. The simulator is scheduled to run on Eastern Standard Time and while it would be great if we could take into account every possible time zone it's just not possible when you have hundreds of thousands of users scattered across the globe.
#840 Free-Agency Q. When a MiL free agent is offered multiple contracts how is it determined who he will sign with?
  A. When a minor league free agent has multiple of the same offers they will choose the team that is considered the best fit for them. Playing time at their primary position and coaching staff play a large role in their decision.

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