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#243 Recruiting Q. What resources do I get for recruiting?

Your recruiting resources are based on how many scholarships you have open and the division you are in. You're given separate budgets for each scouting and recruiting

Division 1: 35K + 4K per Opening
Division 2: 25K + 3K per Opening
Division 3: 15K + 2K per Opening

Division 1: 5K + 3K per Opening
Division 2: 3K + 2K per Opening
Division 3: 1K + 1K per Opening

Recruiting Attention Points:
20 + 20 per Opening

Note: The max number of openings considered for resources is 6 open scholarships. If, for example, you have 8 open scholarships you would still receive the same amount of resources as if you had 6 open scholarships.

You only get half of the resources for a scholarship opened due to an unfulfilled promise. Also, you will not get resources for rescinding the scholarship of a player you recruited.

#245 Recruiting Q. How often should I expect to hear from a recruit?
  A. You'll only hear from a recruit when you've opened up an action (home visits, campus visit, scholarship, etc.)
#246 Recruiting Q. Can I recruit before or after the official recruiting period?
  A. Once scouting starts you can scout players until recruiting has ended. Recruiting can only be done during the recruiting periods.
#247 Recruiting Q. Is there any recruiting benefit to adding a player to my watch list?
  A. No. Your watch list is for your benefit to help you prepare your recruiting strategy by identifying players to recruit during the official recruiting period.
#248 Recruiting Q. How can I remove a player from my watch list?
  A. Once you've added a player to your watch list, he will appear under the "Recruiting Summary". To remove him from your list, change his Priority to "Remove" and click Save Priorities.
#249 Recruiting Q. Is there a limit to the number of players I can have on my watch list or that I can recruit during the official recruiting period?
  A. No.
#250 Recruiting Q. How does the eligibility process work? Can I still recruit players that are currently ineligible by WCAA standards?
  A. Not all players will pass the WCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse requirements. What that means is that for DI and DII recruits, they must meet both GPA and SAT score requirements. In DI and DII, the requirements are on a sliding scale, the lower the GPA, the higher the SAT score requirement. To play at DIII, the recruit must only have a high school GPA of 2.0 or higher.

If a recruit does not qualify, he may or may not still attend your school as they have to pay their own way the first year. They can not be on scholarship and they can not practice (although they will reserve a scholarship for the next season). At DI schools, the player will only have 3 years of eligibility (depending on their collegiate gpa, they may be granted a 4th year of eligibility if they maintain a 2.7 cumulative GPA or higher) - in both situations, if they choose to play their 4 year of eligibility they will be playing as 5th year Seniors. At DII schools, the player will have 4 years of eligibility. In both situations, they will be eligible to play beginning with their sophomore year, assuming they have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher after their freshman year.

A recruits profile will show if they are eligible or not according to the Clearinghouse requirements - keep in mind that the Clearinghouse only governs DI and DII schools. A player who is listed as ineligible may still be eligible to play immediately in DIII. Recruits who are not eligible will be taking the SAT throughout the season leading up to the next recruiting period. If you are watching that recruit, you will be notified by your assistant coach if he becomes eligible.
#251 Recruiting Q. Can my assistant coach sign recruits for me?
  A. If you have not made any recruiting efforts for the current recruiting period (for example if you were on vacation) and have more than 3 scholarships open, the assistant coach will attempt to fill all but 3 of the open scholarships based on the which recruits go unsigned. This is by design to assist coaches who were out of town during recruiting and to address schools which have been abandoned. The rest of the open spots will be filled with walk-ons.
#252 Recruiting Q. If I am calling or sending letters will there always be a response (positive or negative) in the next cycle?
  A. The vast majority of the time, yes, you'll receive a response. There are times though in which the recruit will not respond - in those situations, you can check the recruiting history page to see if your call or letter was received.
#253 Recruiting Q. Will recruits continue to touch base on scholarship offers if they are still considering my school?
  A. Once you've made a scholarship offer, recruits will touch base with you from time to time if something changes, i.e. he's more or less interested in your program.
#255 Recruiting Q. Could a recruit (who is considering my school among others) select my school even if I didn't have him visit my campus?
  A. Yes, not every recruit will require a campus visit.
#256 Recruiting Q. How long will a recruit consider my scholarship offer if I've run out of money and cannot continue to contact him?
  A. It really depends on what other schools are doing. If you're the only program he's considering, then he may still sign with you even if you're no longer able to contact him.
#257 Recruiting Q. Is it easier or harder to recruit Junior College (JUCO) players?
  A. It may be slightly easier to recruit (for example) a 375 rated second-year JUCO player than it is to recruit a 375 rated high school senior. Although you must remember, one will have 4 years to improve, the other only 2.
#258 Recruiting Q. Do recruits ever contact me or do I always need to initiate contact?
  A. 90% of your recruiting will be you searching out and contacting players, but there are frequently local kids who you may have overlooked that will contact you inquiring about scholarships.
#259 Recruiting Q. Do recruits always respond if I send them a letter or call them?
  A. No, imagine Lebron James returning a DIII coach's phone call? If you don't get responses after a few phone calls, it's probably a good sign to move on to someone else.
#260 Recruiting Q. Why did it cost me twice as much to sign two players that had the same total rating?
  A. If all else is equal, some kids may take more to sign. Is one recruit a better student than the other? Is one recruit a better free throw shooter? Is one recruit a better person (stays out of trouble) than the other? These are some additional areas to think about when recruiting.
#261 Recruiting Q. If I have 4 scholarships, can I spend all of my resources on just one really good recruit?
  A. Yes, but you take a big risk with this strategy. If you don't sign the player, you're left with 4 walk-ons which could have a ripple effect into your program for seasons to come.
#262 Recruiting Q. If I offer a recruit a scholarship, does it stay on the table or do I need to reoffer it if he rejects?
  A. Scholarships remain 'on the table' until one of the following happens: the recruit accepts your offer, the recruit accepts someone else's offer, the scholarship offer is withdrawn by you or the recruit rejects your offer.
#263 Recruiting Q. Can I withdraw a scholarship offer that's on the table?
  A. Yes. As long as the recruit has not already accepted the offer, you may withdraw the offer. There is no cost to withdraw a scholarship offer. Withdrawing a Scholarship will have a large negative impact on the recruit you are targeting. It will be very difficult to re-recruit a player after you withdraw a scholarship. It should not be done unless absolutely necessary.
#264 Recruiting Q. If I make 5 calls at once is it any different (not necessarily better) than if I called once?
  A. Yes, by setting the number of phone calls to 5, you'll get 5 times the recruiting 'effort' towards the kid although you may only get one response from the recruit instead of 5 - but you still get credit for putting forth the effort.
#265 Recruiting Q. What happens if I run out of cash and haven't signed any recruits?
  A. It's possible to sign a recruit without spending any cash, just using attention points.

There is no requirement to give out all of your available scholarships. Any roster spots not filled will be filled with scholarship players signed by the SimAI or will automatically be filled with walk-on players as soon as the recruiting period ends. Scholarships will be available the following season. Walk-ons will only be available for a single season unless you offer them a scholarship at some point before the next season's recruiting period begins.
#266 Recruiting Q. How many players will I have to recruit? How many total scholarships do I have available?
  A. That number will vary by school. When you initially accept the job, you will see the number of scholarships available. As you progress through subsequent seasons at that school, you'll have various numbers of scholarships to fill as kids graduate, transfer, quit, leave early for the NBA, etc. Each school has 12 potential scholarships to fill each season.
#267 Recruiting Q. What happens if I don't use all of my recruiting budget?
  A. Recruiting resources are only for that season - any not used are lost and not preserved for the next season.
#268 Recruiting Q. What if I offer my 2 remaining scholarships to 10 players and the 2 players I wanted least end up accepting my offer first?
  A. Tough luck - it's a signed agreement between the school and the player. If you don't want to enter into that situation, just offer your first two choices their scholarships first and wait for a response. If they say no, work your way down your list.
#269 Recruiting Q. Does the success of my program impact the quality and quantity of our recruits?
  A. Yes, the more success your program enjoys, the easier it will become to land recruits in the future. Conversely, if your program tanks for a couple of seasons or falls under WCAA investigation (just as examples), you may find getting kids to come to your school very challenging.
#270 Recruiting Q. What if I guarantee a recruit a starting spot, then I dont give it to him? Same with minutes, what if I dont give him his promised time? Are there any repercussions?
  A. Yes, there could be. Players who are promised either a starting spot (and then are not started) or a certain amount of playing time (and don't receive it) will most likely lose Work Ethic and could end up quitting the team.
#271 Recruiting Q. What is an evaluation visit?
  A. An evaluation visit is a visit in which you (or an assistant) will either watch the recruit practice or play, but there is no contact. Even without the contact, most recruits will acknowledge and be appreciative that you came out to see them - in addition, you'll receive a report providing additional insight to the recruit.
#272 Recruiting Q. I'm coaching in Division III, what are the odds of landing a DI type of player - maybe even someone that's ranked?
  A. It is possible but not very likely. You cannot sign a player that is projected at a higher level during the first recruiting window. However, it is possible to sign in the second window depending on how much effort other schools have put into the recruit.
#273 Recruiting Q. Is there any signficance to the order of the schools that the recruit is considering?
  A. No, the order of the schools doesn't matter.
#274 Recruiting Q. If my program is doing well (or poorly), does that impact how easy (or hard) recruiting will be in subsequent seasons?
  A. Yes, schools can build reputations of success which in turn impact the recruiting process. In addition, the reputation and success of the coach also plays a role in the recruiting process.
#275 Recruiting Q. I went to a recruit's house but he wasn't there - why didn't I get my money back?
  A. Some kids will stiff you if they don't think enough of you and/or your program to remember the meeting. You've still had to make the trip so you don't get your money back. The moral of the story is to not spend your high cost recruiting items on recruits unless you're confident they have a high level of interest.
#276 Recruiting Q. Do recruits have any school preferences before recruiting begins?
  A. Yes and no - they could already be interested in an AI school but they will not already be interested in a user coached school UNLESS you recruited that player in a prior season and he ended up playing Junior College basketball and is looking to transfer.
#277 Recruiting Q. Do recruits become "easier" to recruit as the recruiting window begins to close?
  A. Yes, and no. It depends on whether the recruit is considering any schools. Recruits that don't receive the interest they thought they would receive will be more open to playing at less prestigious schools - maybe even at a lower division than they were initially projected to play at. The further into the recruiting period it gets, the more desperate the recruits become.
#278 Recruiting Q. What factors do recruits consider besides the amount of attention they receive in recruiting?
  A. Recruits look at not only the amount of attention they are given but also the school that's doing the wooing. More successful schools have an easier time of recruiting than do schools that have a losing tradition and/or have been on probation. Recruits also need to decide which school is a better fit for them - who's offering starting spots, guaranteeing playing time, etc.
#296 Recruiting Q. If I rescind a scholarship, will I get additional recruiting resources?
  A. No, if you signed the player. Otherwise you will get resources.
#593 Recruiting Q. For some reason there are players I cannot remove from my watch list in Hoops Dynasty. I recruited them last season, but they did not get signed. Now I see they are on my watch list again. Why can't I remove them?
  A. These players are showing because you recruited them last season and your recruiting efforts still count towards this season. The best thing to do is to set them to low priority if you aren't interested in recruiting them this season.
#679 Recruiting Q. If I have 1 recruiting spot open and I have 2 guys considering only me, how do you determine which one signs?
  A. At that point it's not up to you - it's up to which recruit accepts first. Be careful about doing this unless you're happy signing either player.
#739 Recruiting Q. If a recruit prefers to stay close to home, what qualifies as being close? Within 100 miles? 200? 300? Similarly, what qualifies as far from home?
  A. If he wants to get away, you start to gain an advantage outside of 200 miles and the further you are, the more of an advantage it becomes up to around 500 miles and anything over that is the same. If he wants to stay home, you start to gain an advantage inside of 200 miles.
#748 Recruiting Q. Do AI-controlled teams recruit like humans?
  A. Yes, SimAI schools do recruit like normal coaches. However, they aren't that smart and should be able to be out-recruited by teams coached by users.
#749 Recruiting Q. I tried to offer a recruit a scholarship but my AD wouldn't approve it - why?
  A. Your AD may override your decision to offer a player scholarship if the quality of the recruit is not consistent with the rest of the players on the team.
#750 Recruiting Q. What is the Future Stars Scouting Service?
  A. The scouting service allows a school to scout all players within a state and projected division (e.g. Alabama DII). You can only scout one division at a time. The cost for each purchase is based on number of players. You'll get information on every player located in the select state/division. There is no minimum per state, or discounts for multiple states.
#751 Recruiting Q. What does the Future Stars Scouting Service provide?
  A. The service provides you with some inside information regarding recruits. They supply the recruit’s favorite school, their preference on staying close to home or getting away, and notes regarding the player’s potential to improve.
#752 Recruiting Q. Is there a limit to how many recruits I can sign in one recruiting class?
  A. There is no limit to recruits in one class, BUT there is a limit of 6 players in each eligibility class. In other words, you can't have more than 6 freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors. A redshirted player counts as his eligibility class, so a redshirt freshman (who is truly a sophomore) still counts as a freshmen in the 6 player limit. If you have more than 6 scholarships open, you can target JUCOs or transfers as those players won't be considered freshmen. You could also opt to not fill all of your scholarships and take walkons.
#803 Recruiting Q. What does it mean if a recruiting response indicates that I might be a backup option?

Basically it means that the player may be open to your school if higher level schools show no interest in him. As the recruiting period goes along, players that are not attracting any significant attention from schools will begin to lower their expectations. If you've contacted a player who tells you that you are a backup option, then he will contact you whenever he lowers his expectations to your level.

Also, it's possible to "pull down" a player in this situation. What that means is that you can pursue the player with actions that he will not reject (mainly scouting trips) and possibly get him to consider your school sooner than he normally would as described above. This strategy can be effective, but it's dangerous, because if a higher level school shows him interest before you sign him, then you will most likely have wasted all of that money.

#867 Recruiting Q. How are the Recruiting Class Rankings created?
  A. The Recruiting Class Rankings are based on whether the school filled all of its open scholarships, the overall ratings of the signees, and the position rank of the signees.

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