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#219 General Q. I don't have a credit card, can I still play?
  A. Yes, click here for additional methods of payment.
#220 General Q. Are there prizes? What are they?
  A. Yes, there are prizes - win or lose! If you do not win your conference tournament or receive an at-large bid to the National Tournament, you will still receive a discount on your next Hoops Dynasty season (discounts vary based on the how well your team performed). If you do receive a bid to the National Tournament, you will receive reward points good for use in our Rewards Center, or credits for use on future Hoops Dynasty seasons. Here's the breakdown:
  • Lose opening round game: $3 in credits
  • Lose second round game: $5 in credits
  • Lose Sweet 16 game: $10 in credits
  • Lose Elite 8 game: $15 in credits
  • Lose Final Four game: $20 in credits
  • Lose Championship game: 4,000 reward points
  • National Champion: 6,000 reward points
#221 General Q. I'm having problems seeing the pages correctly. What do I need to have on my computer?
  A. To be able to play Hoops Dynasty, you only need to be running Internet Explorer (7.0 or higher) or Firefox (2.0 or higher). You'll also need to make sure that you have Javascript enabled.
#223 General Q. What time are the games played?
  A. It depends on whether the world you are playing in is a one-game-per-day world or a two-game-per-day world. For the one-game-per-day worlds, all games (except exhibition games) are simulated between 2-4 am ET. Exhibition games are simulated between 2-4 pm ET. For 2 games per day worlds, games are played both in the afternoon and overnight, between 2-4 ET.
#224 General Q. Do I have to login every day? What happens if I go on vacation?
  A. No, you do not have to login every day. By logging in each day, you can make changes (if needed) to prepare for your next opponent, but it's not required.
#229 General Q. How long is a season?
  A. It will depend on the pace of play for the world you are participating in. If you are in a 1 game/day world, a season will last for approximately 47 days:
Description Days
Prep: 1
Exhibition Games (Scouting starts): 2
Regular Season & Recruiting Period 1: 28
Conference Tournament: 4
National Tournament & Postseason Invitational: 6
Job Period: ~3
Recruiting Period 2 (Scouting ends): 3

If you are in a 2 games/day world, a season will last for approximately 29 days (regular season and conference tournament games will be played twice per day - one game in the afternoon and one game overnight):
Description Days
Prep: 1
Exhibition Games (Scouting starts): 2
Regular Season & Recruiting Period 1: 14
Conference Tournament: 2
National Tournament & Postseason Invitational: 4
Job Period: ~3
Recruiting Period 2 (Scouting ends): 3

#595 General Q. How do I submit a boxscore for review in HD?
  A. 1. Go into the boxscore and click on on the menu icon in the top right, then click the Support link.

2. You will be directed to the knowledge base. Click on Submit Ticket.

3. Submit a new ticket. This will automatically include the boxscore in the ticket for Customer Support to review.
#759 General Q. Can I move my seasons around to different worlds?
  A. Yes, you can move your seasons around if you have teams in multiple worlds. The following actions require at least one season remaining in a world:
  • Redshirting a Player
  • Offering a booster gift (DI & DII)
  • Reserving a team in a world for the next season
  • One season must remain in any World from the Renewal Deadline until Recruiting starts.

Note: You can only move seasons into a world in which you have previously coached before, or are currently coaching in.
#798 General Q. Why can't I access any of my teams? Why aren't certain pages showing up correctly for me?
  A. Please log out of the site, clear your browser's cookies and cache (or temporary internet files), and then close the browser. Open it back up and log back into the site.

If you continue to have problems, please send in a Customer Support ticket.

Clear the cookies in your browser. Firefox: CTRL + SHIFT + DEL --> Click the check box named "Cookies" and "Cache"--> Click OK IE: Tools --> Internet Options --> Browsing History --> Delete --> Click "Delete Cookies" and "Temporary Internet Files"--> Click OK Note: In IE8 make sure Preserve Favorites Data is unchecked or it won't remove Whatifsports cookies and cache if you have the site marked as a Favorite.
#861 General Q. How do I use my purchased seasons to renew my teams?

When you purchase seasons for HD, they go into a pool of available seasons. The pool of seasons is then used for renewing your team.

To manage renewal settings for each world, click the "Manage Renewals" link under the Office menu. From there, you have two different ways to reserve a season for a particular world, ensuring that you won't lose your team.

The first way is by clicking the action link on the right to immediately reserve a season from your available pool for that world. You can also undo a renewal by clicking the action link for a world that already has a season reserved for it.

The second way to renew is to set that world to auto-renew. Then, just before the renewal deadline for that world, the system will automatically reserve a season from your pool. Note: you must have available seasons in your pool at the renewal deadline for the world or the auto-renew will fail and you'll lose your team. Auto-renew will never purchase new seasons for you with your credits or credit card.

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