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#230 Career Q. Does everyone start at Division III? Can you pay more to start at Division II or Division I?
  A. Yes, every coach starts in Division III and can only reach Division II or Division I by applying for those jobs, which takes place after each season. If a coach is returning to a world and has previous coaching experience in that world, then it is possible to apply for a Division I or Division II job.
#231 Career Q. Can coaches get fired?
  A. Yes! Although not in Division III or II. But once you get up to Division I, schools will require a certain level of success to remain the coach. If you're in trouble, the administration will certainly let you know. In addition, you'll see your job status change in your office.
#232 Career Q. What do schools look for when they are hiring coaches? How can I move up?

When you browse the list of job openings, each one will have a brief bit of advice from your agent, which will give you an indication of whether you're qualified.

There are multiple factors that a school uses to decide whether to accept your application, including but not limited to (and not necessarily in this order):

  • Overall Experience
  • Recent Success (going back at most 10 seasons)
  • Reputation
  • Loyalty

#233 Career Q. Can a coach apply for more than 1 job at the same time?
  A. Yes - coaches can submit up to 4 job applications after each season. Please note that by doing so you will be given whichever job accepts you first. You can not set the order of preference. If you have a preference, you should apply to one job at a time in the order of your preference.
#234 Career Q. Can a coach apply for any job?
  A. Yes - coaches can apply for any job opening.
#235 Career Q. Can I withdraw a job application once it is submitted?
  A. Yes - as long as the application hasn't been processed, it can be withdrawn.
#236 Career Q. If my application is accepted, can I turn down the offer?
  A. No - once an application is accepted, you have already been moved to the new team. Before submitting an application, make sure you really want to take that job if you are accepted.
#238 Career Q. What's the deal with my reputation?
  A. Your reputation is how you are viewed by the administration, other coaches, players, and even recruits. Coaches are graded from A+ (best) to F (worst). Your reputation could possibly take a hit if you program is investigated by the WCAA, or if you rescind a player's scholarship - these are just two examples that could cause a hit to your reputation. Only time can help your reputation improve.
#239 Career Q. What's the deal with loyalty?

Your loyalty grade represents how loyal you've been during your coaching career at the various schools you've coached. Coaches are graded from A+ (best) to F (worst). For each season you remain at the same school, your loyalty will improve.

Every time you make a career change, your loyalty takes a hit. The hit is based on the prestige of the school you are moving to relative to the prestige of your current school, as well as your prior length of stay at that school.

While your loyalty won't hurt your recruiting efforts, it may certainly keep you from making another job change as Athletic Directors are going to want a coach who will stay and build their program instead of using it as a stepping-stone. Please note that applying for other jobs does not impact your loyalty rating.

NOTE: All new coaches begin with a loyalty rating of B-.

#241 Career Q. What happens if I don't renew my team?
  A. At the end of the national tournament, each coach who has not signed up for another season will receive an email reminder. At the end of the renewal period, any coaches who have not signed up for the subsequent season will be removed as the head coach at their school, and those jobs will be available during the job application period. Once you lose your school, you cannot reclaim that school once it has been claimed by another coach.
#242 Career Q. Can I skip a season?
  A. Yes. You may not be able to get your school back when you return, but you will not have to start over. Your coaching resume remains intact. For example, if you are at DI and skip a season, when you come back you'll be able to apply for DI jobs and NOT have to start over at DIII.
#279 Career Q. If I'm caught committing recruiting violations, can that impact me getting another coaching job?
  A. Possibly - it depends on how important reputation is to prospective schools.
#570 Career Q. What can cause my reputation to change? And how long does it take to recover?
  A. Several actions can affect your reputation:

- you are investigated for recruiting violations
- you rescind a player's scholarship
- you break promises
- a player quits
- a player is declared academically ineligible

The rate at which you can improve your reputation slows as you near the top. For example, you may go from a C to a B quickly, but it’s more difficult to reach the A or A+ level.
#676 Career Q. Do you have to have seasons remaining in order to view job openings?
  A. Yes, you must renew by the deadline (which is 11:59 pm ET on the day of the National Championship game) in order to apply for other jobs. If you would choose to not renew, you would be removed as the head coach of your current school. However, you would be allowed to apply for jobs AFTER the job change period for existing coaches.
#736 Career Q. If I submit an application to school A BEFORE I submit any other applications, will that decision be made BEFORE the decision on any of the other later applications?
  A. No, the order you submit applications has no bearing on when they will make their decision. If you have a preference in jobs, you should wait until you hear back from each school before applying to the next school.
#782 Career Q. How much success is required to move up to a better job, and how is it measured?

Each school requires a minimum level of recent success from a potential coach, which differs depending on the level of the school. The better the school, the more success required.

A coach's success is measured by looking at his team's results over the past 10 seasons. If a coach hasn't coached a full 10 seasons, then it looks at all seasons coached. The more recent the season, the more weight it's given - so the most recent season carries the most weight in the overall success of a coach.

The success of a individual season is based on the following items:

  • RPI rank
  • Top 25 rank
  • Whether you won the conference title
  • Whether you won conference coach of the year
  • Whether you made the National Tournament
  • How far you advanced in the National Tournament
  • Whether you made the Postseason Invitational Tournament
  • How far you advanced in the Postseason Invitational Tournament

#802 Career Q. I know a certain job doesn't currently have a coach, so why doesn't it show up in the list for me to reserve/apply?
  A. That means that the job has already been reserved for next season by another coach.
#818 Career Q. Why did my school's prestige change when I took over as coach?

The prestige of the school may go up or down based on the prestige of your last job. If you're moving up a division, then the school prestige will drop, and if you're moving down a division it may go up. When you're moving within the same division and you are coming from a higher prestige school, your new school may get a small increase in prestige. If you're coming from a lower prestige school (as is most common), you may see a decrease in the school's prestige.

This change accounts for the impact a new coach will have on the national perception of a school, especially in recruiting.

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