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#12 Theme Leagues Q. What's a theme league? How do they work?
  A. Theme leagues are full-season SimLeagues with a theme that all participants must adhere to. You can create a Theme League by choosing the 'New Theme League' option on the 'League Draft Options' page when starting your team. From there, you have full control over a wide variety of rules that all teams in the league must follow. Plus, you can always create your own additional rules and post them in the 'Theme Rules/Notes'.

Examples include 'The Seattle Mariners League' where every player in the league must have played for the Mariners that season and the '1970s Alphabet Soup League' where every player in the league must be from the 1970s and each team must have a player whose last name begins with a different letter of the alphabet. The possibilities are endless!

Theme leagues are private by default for 7 days, meaning the league number will not be posted on the available theme leagues page. After 7 days, the league number will be made public.
#70 Theme Leagues Q. What is a Twist League?
  A. A twist league is when you take any of the players from your selected team's season and use any year of the player's career. For example, if you take the 2004 Yankees you can have Gary Sheffield from any season and any team of his career, so you can have his 1992 San Diego Padres season on your team.
#71 Theme Leagues Q. What is a Progressive League?
  A. A progressive league is a league that will be continued for multiple years. For example, the first SimLeague begins with players from 1975, then the next SimLeague season will be players from 1976 and so on.
#72 Theme Leagues Q. What is a Screw Your Neighbor League?
  A. A screw your neighbor league is a league in which you draft the worst team you possibly can. Then all teams are randomly reassigned to the owners in the league. Thus, you are “Screwing Your Neighbor” with a bad team.
#73 Theme Leagues Q. What is a Franchise League?
  A. A franchise league is when you can only use players from your selected franchise. If you choose the LA Dodgers, for example, you can only use Dodger players on your team. Typically, this also includes previous teams throughout a franchise's history so you could also draft Brooklyn Dodgers, too.
#74 Theme Leagues Q. What is a Replay League?
  A. A replay league involves replaying a season as accurately as possible to real life. So if it's a 2004 replay league, all teams will have only players from the 2004 season.
#704 Theme Leagues Q. How do the Multi-Season League settings work in the Theme League Wizard?
  A. The Multi-Season League settings within the League Rules step of the Theme League Wizard are geared towards progressive leagues (leagues which stay together for more than 1 season by typically advancing players from 1 season to the next).

If you're starting a Progressive League, you'll want to check the "Start a new multi-season league" box. This flags the league as a special league that will allow future leagues to tie back to it.

If you're continuing a Progressive League, you'll want to enter the previous league's League # and the password for the progressive league.

When a league is flagged as a Multi-Season league, league members can view the standings, stats and trade history for all previous leagues within the "chain" of the progressive league. In addition, the Team Profile page of teams in the league will have a special feature to view the previous or future season outlook of a team. That is, you can view who will be available and what the actual stats are for team's players for seasons in the future or in the past. The Draft Center will also have some additional options that allow you to load your previous season's roster and offset the year by a specified amount. So, you can load your previous season's 1910 team with a season offset of 1, and it will load the 1911 version of the roster.

In addition, your Team Notes will automatically carry over to the next season as Draft Center Notes. These Draft Center notes then carry over to your Team Notes. This allows teams to keep track of their injured reserve and other multi-season related information.
#705 Theme Leagues Q. How does the Prize eligibility change for leagues using a different League Format?
  A. Leagues that use a league format different from our "Standard WIS Format" may have adjusted prize distributions.

For credits and reward points, we maintain the same distribution of prizes of our standard 24-team format regardless of the size of the league. The table below outlines the prize amounts. The World Series winner received Reward Points whereas the rest of the prizes are in the form of non-transferable SLB credits:

Format DCS Loser LCS Loser WS Loser WS Winner
Standard WIS Format 3 6 10 4000
Alternate WIS Format A n/a n/a 16.5 6500
Alternate WIS Format B & E n/a 4.5 8.5 3500
Alternate WIS Format C & D n/a n/a 8.25 3300
Alternate WIS Format F n/a 5.00 8.75 5500
1901-1903 n/a n/a 11 4400
1904-1960 n/a n/a 11 4400
1961 n/a n/a 12.5 5000
1962-1968 n/a n/a 13.75 5500
1969-1976 n/a 6.5 13 5200
1977-1992 n/a 7 14 5600
1993 n/a 7.5 15 6000
1994-1996 3.5 7 11.75 4650
1997 3.5 7 11.75 4650
1998-2000 3.75 7.5 12.5 5000
2001-present 3.75 7.5 12.5 5000

In addition, leagues with less than 16 teams will only see the World Series champion potentially advance to the Tournament of Champions.

Theme league founder credit is also adjusted by the number of teams in the league. If it's a 12 team league, the founder credit is 50% of the standard 24 team league amount.
#712 Theme Leagues Q. How do I join a theme league?
  A. After you've purchased a full-season team, it will appear in your draft center. Click on the words 'DRAFT CENTER' and you'll be taken to a page where you will be asked to choose what type of league you want to join. To join a theme league, choose the last option 'Existing League' and enter in the Theme Number or League Number (THMXXXXX or MLBXXXXXX where XXXXX is the number).
#716 Theme Leagues Q. What is the password for with a multi-season theme league?

The password is only used when it comes to linking a new theme league to a previous multi-season league.

There is an option in the Theme Wizard on the League Rules page to handle setting up or continuing a multi-season league. It is the very top option on the League Rules page. In order to continue a multi-season league, you will need the password which only the commissioner should or needs to know, and can be found in the Theme Summary section on the League Office page, and you will also need the most recent league number. Once you put those two items in and attempt to change the page, it will verify that the password and previous league number are valid and, if so, link up the new theme to the previous themes. You will know if it is linked to the previous seasons because anytime you go to that League Rules page, it should have the password saved in it.

#729 Theme Leagues Q. What are the different league formats?

Name Games Teams/Playoffs NL AL IL? Bal?
Standard WIS Format 162 24/8 4/4/4 4/4/4 Yes No
Alternate WIS Format A 162 24/2 12/0/0 12/0/0 No Yes
Alternate WIS Format B 162 16/4 4/4/0 4/4/0 No Yes
Alternate WIS Format C 162 12/2 6/0/0 6/0/0 No Yes
Alternate WIS Format D 162 12/2 6/0/0 6/0/0 Yes Yes
Alternate WIS Format E 162 16/4 4/4/0 4/4/0 Yes Yes
Alternate WIS Format F 162 20/4 5/5/0 5/5/0 Yes Yes
1901-1903 140 16/2 8/0/0 8/0/0 No Yes
1904-1960 154 16/2 8/0/0 8/0/0 No Yes
1961 162 18/2 8/0/0 10/0/0 No Yes
1962-1968 162 20/2 10/0/0 10/0/0 No Yes
1969-1976 162 24/4 6/6/0 6/6/0 No Yes
1977-1992 162 26/4 6/6/0 7/7/0 No Yes
1977-1993 162 28/4 7/7/0 7/7/0 No Yes
1994-1996 162 28/8 5/4/5 5/4/5 No Yes
1997 162 28/8 5/4/5 5/4/5 Yes Yes
1998-2000 162 30/8 5/5/6 5/4/5 Yes Yes
2001-2008 162 30/8 5/5/6 5/4/5 Yes No

NOTE: IL - Uses Interleague Play, Bal - Uses a balanced schedule

#753 Theme Leagues Q. Why did my theme league or my team in a theme league get removed?
  A. There's an automated process in place to automatically remove unfilled theme leagues with fewer than 4 teams and that have been sitting for over 30 days without anyone new joining within the last 30 days.

Teams are sent back to the Draft Center. Users are notified via email when this occurs.

The goal of this is to keep the Available Theme Leagues page current and make it easier for owners to find viable theme leagues.

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