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#3 Roster Management Q. Can I change my roster after I join a league?
  A. Once you click on 'Create Team' you may return your team to the draft center before the season starts by clicking on the red 'R' in the Team Center. This will immediately remove your team from the league and place the roster back in the draft center. You may edit your team and/or change leagues here. To prevent unfair advantages, this is why team rosters are not available to be viewed by users (except the commissioner for Theme Leagues) before the league has filled. Once the league has filled and the schedule has been generated, the only way to adjust a roster is through the GM's Office.
#21 Roster Management Q. Why have bench players?
  A. Currently there are no multi-game injuries that you have to worry about, although players will get tired (see fatigue below). What that means is that you may have someone unable to finish a game due to being hit by a pitch for example, at which time the SimManager will bring someone in off the bench. Injuries not withstanding, subs also come into play primarily in pinch-hitting situations and if you plan on platooning 1 or more players at various positions, e.g. your strategy might be to take a decent right-handed 3rd baseman and a decent left-handed 3rd baseman instead of taking a great right-handed 3rd baseman.
#665 Roster Management Q. Why do only some of my players show up when I am calling up a AAA player?

There are minimums for positional players and pitchers. You must maintain 12 positional players and 6 pitchers on your active roster at all times. If sending a certain player down will put you below that limit, they will not show up on the list.

Another reason that players may not show up is that for leagues that started on Dec. 12th, 2007 or after, leagues will have a salary cap of 10% of the league salary cap for the minor leagues. This was done to help combat a strategy where high quality, low IP/PA players would be left in the minors while playing low quality, high IP/PA players in an attempt to save those good players for only when they needed them.

All open leagues and theme leagues where the commissioner chooses to have this salary cap, will have it imposed.

When you are looking to bring up a AAA player, if there is a minor league salary cap, only those players that don't put you over that cap will be on the list.

Ex. You have 8 players in the AAA in an $80 million cap league. If the salaries of those players is $4,000,000 and you look to call up a $200k player, you will only be able to bring up players that cost less than $4.2 million ($8 is the minor league salary cap, $4.2 million is the $8 million salary cap - $3.8million as the cost of all of the remaining players in AAA).

#677 Roster Management Q. Are my picks cleared if I change league types?
  A. Only if you are switching from a career league to a normal league or vice versa will the players drafted so far be cleared.
#693 Roster Management Q. My Tandem B starter is never coming in. Why?
  A. This is most likely due to his advanced player settings.

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