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#10 Playoffs Q. How is home-field advantage decided for the SimLeague Championship?
  A. Teams are seeded for the playoffs, 1-4, for their respective league. The team with the highest winning percentage in its league earns the #1 seed. The wildcard always received the #4 seed. Home-field advantage for the League Championship is given to the team with the higher seed. In the event of even seeds, the team with the higher regular season winning percentage receives home-field advantage. If this is even, too, then the team with the fewest playoff losses earns it. Otherwize, a coin flip decides.
#37 Playoffs Q. Why do I struggle in the playoffs? Is there a secret to winning in the playoffs?
  A. There are a number of possible reasons why a team may cruise through the regular season and then struggle in the post-season.
  • Your opponent may have been in a very tough division or a division in which his team didn't match up well with his divisional opponents either due to style of play or ballpark, etc.
  • Each team has the same amount of cash, unlike real baseball. It's very difficult to have teams dominate over the course of the season and truly be superior (more like the current NFL).
  • There is no inherent home field advantage in the sim, e.g. we don't increase your stats simply because you're playing at home.
  • There is no differentiation in the sim from regular season to the playoffs. Each game is treated the same.
  • The sim does not employ any type of streaks (either for teams or players). Each game is treated the same.
  • The sim is not aware of the owners or their records. Each game is treated the same.
  • Even if you had a significant number of wins against a particular opponent in the regular season, that may not guarantee success in the playoffs. Your earlier success might have been due to the way the pitching matchups lined up for those series, changes to his team later in the season and/or more likely that he's simply relying on 2 pitchers throughout the playoffs which can level the playing field over a 5 game series.
  • Fatigue is catching up to your players.
Here are the actual stats as of 10/1/2003:
Theme Leagues ONLY
Seed% Playoffs Won
Open Leagues
Seed% Playoffs Won

These statistics reflect the general increase in competition level in theme leagues. Overall the top 2 seeds will win 64.2% in theme leagues, 68.3% in open leagues and 67.2% overall.

*Keep in mind that the #4 seed (wildcard winner) could have up to the 2nd best record overall in that league whereas the #3 seed (division winner with the worst record) can have no better than the 3rd best record overall.

#826 Playoffs Q. How is the starting pitcher chosen for the first game of each playoff round?
  A. With the exception of the first game of the season, the starting pitcher for the next game is always "locked" so the opposition can set his/her lineup accordingly.

For the first game of each round of playoffs, pitchers are unlocked so that the manager can adjust his rotation. When the first game is played, the first pitcher listed in the starting rotation will be selected. For the rest of the round of the playoffs, the next pitcher in the rotation will lock.
#827 Playoffs Q. How is the starting pitcher chosen for play-in games?
  A. Similar to the start of each playoff round, the pitchers for a scheduled play-in game are unlocked so that the manager may choose his desired starting pitcher for the important, post-season deciding game.

If a set of round-robin play-in games are scheduled (due to a 3-way tie), the rotation is unlocked only for the first game. The second game in the round-robin will be based on the rotation order following the selection of the starting pitcher in the first game.

If multiple rounds of play-in games are necessary, the rotation is unlocked at the time each game is added to the schedule. This may occur if one play-in game is required to settle a division and another subsequent game is required to settle the wild card.

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