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#1 General Q. Can I play if I don't have a credit card?
  A. Yes, click here for additional methods of payment.
#2 General Q. Can I change leagues?
  A. If the league has not had its schedule generated yet, you can remove yourself from the league by clicking the icon next to the League Name on your Team Center page. This will send you back to the Draft Center where you can then change your league and/or league type. From with the Draft Center, use the "Edit League Option" link in the main menu and follow the on-screen rules.

If the league you are in has already had its league schedule generated, you cannot change leagues as it would negatively impact the rest of the league.
#7 General Q. How will I know when my league is ready to start?
  A. Within 12 hours of your league filling, all team owners will receive an email notifying them that league play is ready to begin. Please make sure your email address is correct and not treating us as SPAM/junk or you won't receive the notification.
#8 General Q. Can I play in more than 1 league at once?
  A. Yes! Members may compete in as many Full Season leagues as they would like. Members are limited to 1 free Spring Training team at any one time. You may participate in both Spring Training and Full Season leagues at the same time.
#11 General Q. What does my rating mean?

Each team owner is given a rating. This rating is based on who you've played, whether you've won or lost and by how much. It is similiar in concept to the RPI ratings used for college basketball or Jeff Sagarin's ratings.

Each team owner is given a initial rating of 1400. This rating is adjusted after each league game, based on the final score and the rating of the opposing team owner. For example, if the 'Fence Crushers' beat the 'Flame Throwers' 5-2 and the Fence Crushers came into the game with a rating of 1480 and the Flame Throwers came in with a rating of 1420, the new ratings would be:

Fence Crushers: 1488 (calculation: 1480 + (5-2) + 5 : +5 points for the victory plus the margin of victory)
Flame Throwers: 1412 (calculation: 1420 + (2-5) - 5 : -5 points for the loss plus the margin of victory)

The maximum points awarded for a regular season is 10, even if the margin of victory is 20. In addition to regular season wins/losses, you will receive additional bonuses to your owner rating by performing well in the playoffs:

Playoff LevelOwner Bonus
Advancing to the LCS+20
Advancing to the Finals+40
League Champion+60
NOTE: ratings are only adjusted for full-season wins/losses. Also, your rating is carried with you from team to team, league to league.

#19 General Q. What time are the games simmed? What's the deadline for making managerial moves?
  A. The games are simmed at various times based on the number of games scheduled for that time period. Any managerial decisions (lineup changes, reliever role changes, etc.) must be made by 11:59pm EST for overnight games, by 11:59am EST for afternoon games and by 4:59pm EST for evening games. Having your decisions made by that time ensures that your requested changes are used for the following game.
#32 General Q. How do you notify WhatIfSports of a new record?
  A. You don't have to do anything! Records are automatically detected and tracked by robots. NOTE: Only teams/games from full-season leagues can qualify for the record books.

If you notice leagues flooding the records in a dishonest fashion, please contact Customer Support and specify the league number. We will then investigate and potentially remove the league from eligibility.
#35 General Q. Why is my team slumping when none of my players are fatigued?
  A. There are many reasons why a team slumps even if they aren't fatigued:
  • It could be a difficult part of the schedule (playing games on the road or playing experienced owners)
  • You may have a glaring weakness, e.g. weak bullpen or not enough LH batters and you're facing a string of RH pitchers, etc.
  • You may have selected a ballpark which doesn't compliment your team's style, e.g. good pitchers but playing at Coors
  • You're experimenting with AAA prospects
  • Key players may be slumping, e.g. your #3 hitter is batting .097 over the past 5 games, etc.
  • Your team may simply be in a dry spell and suffering some bad luck (statistically speaking). With time, this should swing in the other direction.
The key to recovery is analyzing each loss and looking for trends, e.g. I left 10 runners in scoring position, my baserunning cost me a scoring opportunity, my bullpen blew the game, my lack of speed is killing me, etc. Once you've identified a trend, rectify it as soon as possible to see if that was really the cause of the problem. Use the waiver wire only as a last resort - those 10% transaction charges can add up quickly.
#75 General Q. What does realignment mean?
  A. Realignment is how teams are arranged in divisions within a SimLeague. Random realignment means that the teams will be placed randomly. Real life realignment is when the teams are organized as close to real life as possible. There are other types as well.
#588 General Q. Can I get a spreadsheet of player salaries?

To download a copy of our batters and pitchers with their salaries click on the following links.

Batter Salaries

Pitcher Salaries

#765 General Q. What is normalization?
  A. Normalization is adjusting a player's stats to a situation where not all the reference points are the same.

Our engine uses Log5 normalization. For instance, every batter-pitcher matchup uses it. There are 4 key pieces to the algorithm: the hitter's stat, the pitcher's stat, the league average from the hitter's season and the league average from the pitcher's season. The final value can go up or down based on the relationship of the 4 values. This algorithm hammers home the point that a .280 hitter from a season where the league average was .250 is more valuable than a .280 hitter from a season with a league average of .275. And that it's more difficult to get a hit off a pitcher with a .240 OAV from a season with a league average of .255 than a pitcher with a .240 OAV from a season with a league average of .250.

We attempt to represent these values broadly in our Player Search using our "norm" values represented with the "#" sign (such as OAV# or OPS#). These values use the historical averages for the pitcher's stat and the pitcher's league average.

We also use Log5 normalization for fielding and determining errors. The 4 key pieces here are: fielder's fielding percentage (FPCT), the league average from the fielder's season at the position, the league average from the hitter's season at the position and the league average from the pitcher's season at the position.

We also represent these values broadly in our Player Search (FPCT#). These values use the historical averages for the pitcher's league average and the batter's league average.

More information can be found in the Player's Guide.
#793 General Q. Why aren't any of my recent roster moves showing up for playing Live? They only show up for my league games.
  A. Once a team is used once in SimLeague LIVE exhibition or SimMatchup, the roster for those exhibition games is set. Any new moves will not change those rosters. Playing a LIVE league game will use the current team though.
#865 General Q. What is [DAMP]?
  A. [DAMP] indicates early season dampening is in effect for fatigue calculations. What this means is that the effects of a higher than normal usage in the beginning of the season is reduced a bit as the actual usage balances out as the season goes on. After your first couple of games many players may show fatigue even if they were everyday players in real life. The reason is that often times at the beginning of the season, players will rack up many plate appearances if your team scores a lot of runs or plays extra inning games. This will quickly balance out as the season progresses.

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