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#108 Leagues Q. How do I change leagues?
  A. We can move you to a different league ONLY if: 1. The team you want to move is a full-season team 2. The league you're in has not had it's games scheduled already 3. There are openings in the league you want to move to You'll need to fill out a tech support form request to be moved (make sure to include the league you are in and the league you want to be moved to).
#112 Leagues Q. How do I create a private league for me and my friends?
  A. Before you begin drafting your team, you'll be asked if you want to either (a.) Join the first available league, (b.) Start a new private league (c.) Start a theme league, or (d.)Join an existing league.

If you choose to create your own league, then we will start a new league for you and place your team in it. From the team management center page, you can invite your friends to join your newly created league.

You have 7 days to fill the open spots in your league with your friends. After 7 days, your league will be opened to the public.
#113 Leagues Q. How do I join a private league that a friend of mine has created?
  A. You'll need to know the name of the league that your friend has created. Before you begin drafting your team, choose the option to 'Join an existing league' and type in the league number.

If there are still openings in that league when you have finished drafting, your team will be added to it.
#114 Leagues Q. How will I know when my league is ready to start?
  A. As soon as your league is full, all team owners will receive an email notifying them that league play is ready to begin. Please make sure your email address is correct or you won't receive the notification.
#559 Leagues Q. What is a theme league?
  A. A theme league is like a normal (or open) league except that it has special rules that all teams must follow. Generally the rules involve what players may be drafted and/or how players are used during the SimLeague season.

The person who creates a theme league determines the rules for that league. A few things (salary cap level, whether rookies are allowed, and whether the waiver wire is allowed) are set by the creator and enforced by WhatIfSports. But the creator is free to set any other rules he/she would like to use. For those rules, the league creator is responsible for enforcement (with the help of customer support).

Examples of popular theme leagues are:
  • Franchise (where all players must be from the same franchise)
  • Season (where all players must be from the same season)
  • Draft (where owners pick players through a draft process and only one season of a player is allowed in the league)
  • Blacklist (where specified players are not allowed to be in the league)
#819 Leagues Q. How does the head-to-head tie-breaker work for the playoffs?

The head-to-head tie-breaker is based on an aggregate win/loss record for all of the tied teams.

For example, assume the following matchup records:

  • Team A was 4-4 against Team B
  • Team A was 4-4 against Team C
  • Team B was 4-4 against Team A
  • Team B was 5-3 against Team C
  • Team C was 4-4 against Team A
  • Team C was 3-5 against Team B

The aggregate records would be as follows:

  • Team A 8-8
  • Team B 9-7
  • Team C 7-9

So the final ranking of teams would be:

  • 1. Team B
  • 2. Team A
  • 3. Team C

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