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#123 Coaching Options Q. What are the advantages of double teaming someone?
  A. Double teaming can affect a player's FG%, but at the same time, you are leaving someone open which increases the other players' FG%.

The effect of a double team on a particular player depends on the player. For example, a star player who was likely double teamed in real life (e.g. Michael Jordan) may still perform close to his real life numbers even when double teamed. But if you choose not to double team him, he may perform even better than his real life numbers.

On the other hand, a player who was likely not double teamed in real life would probably produce less than his real life numbers if he were double teamed, but probably wouldn't much exceed his real life numbers even if not double teamed.
#124 Coaching Options Q. What are the advantages up-tempo/half court/slow down styles of play?
  A. On offense, the different styles have the following effects:
  • Halfcourt - no adjustments
  • Uptempo - shorter possessions, more easy shots, more turnovers
  • Slow Down - longer possessions, tougher shots, fewer turnovers
On defense, the different styles have the following effects:
  • Halfcourt - no adjustments
  • Press - more turnovers/steals, more fouls, gives up more easy shots
#125 Coaching Options Q. How does the depth chart work?
  A. The depth chart allows you to specify who should be subsituted and in what order during a game. You can set four levels of players at each position (PG, SG, SF, PF, C). The players set at depth level 1 will be the starters in the game.

For each slot in the depth chart, you may also set Target Minutes, which is just a range of minutes that you would like that player to play per game at that position. If you set a player to 0 target minutes he will be likely to play only if no one else is available or if the game is a blowout.

During a substitution situation the SimEngine will rank each available player at each position by factoring in depth chart, minutes played compared to target minutes, natural position, and foul trouble. Then a large number of possible lineup combinations are considered to find the best possible 5 players to play at that point.

NOTE: You are only required to have depth level 1 set for each position
#126 Coaching Options Q. How do the target minutes work?
  A. The target minutes option allows you to set a minute value for each player to indicate how much you want them to play per game at that position. In a normal game with realistic settings each player should play within a few minutes of the target setting. However, many factors can cause a player to play more or less minutes than you specify. These factors include foul trouble, injuries, etc.

Also keep in mind that in a regulation game there are 240 total minutes to be played (5 players X 48 minutes), so if your total target minutes exceed 240 then some players may play less than their target range. Also, if your total target minutes are less than 240 then some players may play more than their target range.
#128 Coaching Options Q. How do defensive matchups work?
  A. Defensive matchups allow you specify which positions each player on your team may defend. You can check the box next to each position that you want the player to potentially defend in a game. A player will always be eligible to defend their current offensive position by default. The settings grid shows each player's adjusted defensive rating at each position. This adjustment is based on the player's effectiveness at that position, but is not strictly effectiveness multiplied by defensive rating.

The SimEngine will automatically optimize your team's defensive matchups based on the offensive players, the defensive ratings of your players, and the positions you allow each player to defend. Offensive players are evaluated based on shooting efficiency and number of touches.

NOTE: You may also elect to turn off the matchups, in which case your players would just defend their current offensive position.
#545 Coaching Options Q. Why do players play at a position that they aren't listed in the depth chart for that position?
  A. This generally happens when the players listed in the depth chart either suffer an injury, get into foul trouble, or need to rest. At that point the SimEngine has to look beyond the depth chart to get an available player.
#632 Coaching Options Q. What is the 'Foul Trouble Substitutions' setting?
  A. This setting indicates how you would like to handle players in foul trouble when making substitutions. The more aggressive the setting, the more likely a player will be to stay in the game and play with foul trouble.

For example, if a player picks up 2 quick fouls in the first quarter, a setting of Very Conservative would probably remove that player immediately and keep him out of the game well into the second quarter. But a setting of Aggressive would likely leave him in the game, risking further foul trouble.
NOTE: The Very Aggressive setting will always completely ignore any foul trouble when determining substitutions.

This setting cannot be directly translated to situations (e.g. player will come out until the 2 minute mark with 3 fouls) because there are other factors involved, including depth chart settings, foul trouble of other players and target minutes.
#702 Coaching Options Q. What is the 'Positioning' setting in the Defensive Game Plan?

This setting allows you to indicate whether you'd like to focus your defensive unit on the Perimeter, on the Inside, or somewhere in between.

The positioning setting will impact your own team's defensive rebounding (the further away from the basket, the harder to rebound). It will impact your opponent's turnover and foul chances slightly, frequency of 3pt shots vs. 2pt shots, and of course both 2pt FG% and 3pt FG%. How much of an impact depends on the setting and the Offensive Range designation of the offensive player that has the ball.

NOTE: This setting is opponent specific, so if you set it for a particular opponent, the system will remember it for any future matchups with that team. If you do not set it for a particular opponent, your positioning will be Balanced.

This setting will only affect leagues which started games on 3/20/08 or later.

#852 Coaching Options Q. How does the SimEngine determine who will play in a "clear the bench" situation?

In a "clear the bench" situation, the SimEngine will try to use backups and avoid using starters. The most likely players to play at a given position will be ones who are in the depth chart, but set to 0 target minutes. If no one fits that description, the SimEngine will try to find players who are not in the depth chart and have a high Effectiveness rating for the given position. If there aren't any available players who fit that description, then one of the players listed in the depth chart with target minutes may end up playing.

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