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#109 Roster Management Q. Can I change my roster after I join a league?
  A. No, once you click on 'Create Team', your roster can not be modified until your season starts. Once your season starts, you can use the waiver wire to adjust your lineup.

Allowing owners to adjust their lineups after they click 'Create Team' would give the owners earliest into the league an unfair advantage over the last owners to join the league.

If you accidentally violate the rules of a theme league, submit a support ticket with the names/years of replacement players for the illegal players.
#120 Roster Management Q. Are there injuries?
  A. Yes, but ONLY in full-season leagues - there are no injuries in the exhibition season games. Guys can go down for a play and come right back or be out for 1 or more games.

If a player is injured in the game, it will be highlighted in RED in the play by play.

If he can not return to action in the current game, his injury status will be displayed in your coach's office next to his name. In addition to the injury, you'll also see the expected return date. Until he is cleared to return to action, the player will be unavailable to play.

Injuries are based on how many total minutes the player played in real life. You should look at real life total minutes divided by 82 to determine about how many minutes they can play per game in the SimLeague. If you try to play someone more than that number, they may suffer an injury in addition to any fatigue.

If you do not have 5 healthy players at tipoff, you will forfeit that game. At any time during a game, if you can not produce 5 healthy players, you will also forfeit.
#121 Roster Management Q. How does the Waiver Wire work? How frequently are players added?
  A. The Waiver Wire can be found by clicking on GM's Office. The Waiver Wire shows players that are available to be claimed. You may claim a player if you don't already have that player on your roster (the same player from the same year can not be on your roster twice) and you have enough available cash to afford the player.

You are required to maintain a full roster of 12 players so in order to claim someone, you must release an existing player. The salary freed up by releasing a player combined with any available cash you had after your draft equals your buying power - the maximum you can spend to claim a player on waivers.

Players are claimed and released constantly as the same Waiver Wire is used by all leagues. So if you release Joe Dumars, he may be picked up by someone else in another league or by someone in your league and vice versa.

Limitations: Exhibition league teams are eligible to make 1 roster move using the waiver wire. For both types of leagues, you must pay a 10% transaction charge for each player that you claim. For example, if you want to claim a 1 million player, you'll need to give up 1.1 million.

All rosters must be final by the 66th game of your season, i.e. you will not be able to waive or claim players after that time.
#122 Roster Management Q. How does fatigue work?
  A. The Coach's Office displays each player's condition from 0% to 100% where 100% is no fatigue and 0% is completely exhausted.

If a player is fatigued you may want to rest him for a few games. The amount of rest needed depends on the player and what condition he is in.

A player's condition is calculated by comparing total real life minutes to the total SimLeague minutes based on the current minutes per game projected to 82 games.

Make sure to take total minutes into account when drafting. For seasons where teams played fewer than 82 games, players are given credit for total minutes prorated to 82 games. So a player who played 20 minutes every game in an 82 game season is equal to a player who played 20 minutes every game in a 50 game season.

The fatigue percent is approximately the percentage of performance you can expect from the player. Fatigue effects nearly every aspect of player performance.
#127 Roster Management Q. How do rookies work?
  A. Rookies are fictional players created for each team. Three rookies will be created for each team and will have an Offense, Defense, Rebounding, and Durability rating. The Durabilty rating indicates how long a player can play before becoming fatigued and how injury prone a player is. Rookie ratings are on the scale of A-F, where A is the best and 1-10 where 10 is the best.

Initially rookies will be placed on the Inactive List located in the GM's Office. Once the season starts owners may activate players at any time with no limitations. To activate a rookie you must deactivate another player, so there must always be three players on the Inactive List. Players on the Inactive List will not play in games until they are activated.

Rookies are intended to fill in during injuries and/or play some mopup minutes during blowouts.

NOTE: Rookies are only generated for full-season leagues. For theme leagues, the founder may set an option to not allow rookies.
#129 Roster Management Q. How are defensive ratings calculated?
  A. The defensive rating is based on what we call stop percentage, which is a statistical approximation of the percentage of defensive possessions where the player helps create a turnover, missed field goal, or missed free throw. This approximation is based on certain player stats (minutes, steals, fouls, rebounds and blocks), the player's position, certain team statistics (for and against), and a factor for league averages for that season.

We have also incorporated NBA and ABA All-Defensive team selections as a bonus for those players.
#557 Roster Management Q. How does the Inactive List work?
  A. If the league allows rookies, then you will have access to the Inactive List. If it's available, you must have 3 players on it at all times and those players won't play in games. When you want to activate a player, you must then select an active player to inactivate.

You may move players on or off the Inactive list throughout the season, including the playoffs and there is no limit to the number of moves than you can make to and from this list.
#558 Roster Management Q. What are Alerts?
  A. Alerts are located on the Team Center page and are a way of indicating important events or things that may need to be addressed with that team (e.g. Transaction Deadline approaching). You can hover your mouse over the alert icon to get more information.

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